Will there be a fix soon for alpha bugs

Wondering of a fix/update is in the works for the myriad alpha bugs. We waited 2 months last time. I hope we dont need to wait another two for the same bugs plus the new ones

I’d like to get an update as there has been huge amount of bugs that has been reported and some still flowing through the forums. Any news about what to expect or what is currently being fixed would be appreciated. :heart:

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Weird, I for once can breath a sigh of relief when fighting Alphas. What’s still going wrong?

Alphas leaving after defeat w/o givling keys, one turn costing 2 energy. Lag in combos causing a loss in turns, dispelling gas causing more damage than not dispelling, infinity loading bug, back to back alphas. I’m sure there are more than i can think of now


Had a bomb not blow up on alpha after getting to top today as well