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Will there be a map?


Would be nice if there was a map so u can go to your actual city and see all spawn points that exist no ?


I would love to see a map feature, however, part of the fun is finding new places, so I think this would take away the exploration of it all.

I am not fussed right now as supply points are pretty boring and similar, but if they implement better features it will be fun to go on a walk and find new locations.


Atleast for commons or so, i mean travel takes huge amount of time also.


There you go, a semi map. At least you know spawn patterns off it, you just need to know where certain buildings are in your area orplay attention top dinos spawning around so you know which local group you’re currently in


I would like to see a sort of hunting system, It can be funnier and less frustrating


That meta for where dinos spawn isn’t anywhere near correct. All these dinos spawn in random places that aren’t even in establishments or populated areas.


thanks but seems its not really that accurate… certain dinos that spawns at night ive never seen so far…


It is definitely accurate in my area. They have a chance to spawn near those locations even if not during correct time or local grouping, doesn’t mean it’s always going to have them.

The local groupings are the easiest to use if hunting a specific one