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Will there be a tarbosaurus tournament?

I really hope that there will be a tournament for tarbosaurus… its one of my favorite dinosaurs despite being just a green t-rex with spiny barbs on its spine lol


Nothing can be said for sure. Its a newly released dino so they probably don’t want to give out a copy to everyone just yet. I’m


Well one can hope and dream i guess lol

Who knows other than it would be VIP exclusive.

They had the I-rex gen 2 tournament very soon after release and that was an unlock as well so as far as timeline anything is possible.

There will probably be a VIP tournament in the future but when is not so clear

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I’m betting on a vip tournament either at the end of the year or just at the start

Could be a long wait. We still haven’t yet had one for the kangaroo and that’s been out for awhile.


Oh really?

Dang i hope its not too long…

Oh yes I forgot about that guy, personally I would prefer a procoptodon tournament first as I have 3 copies so a 4th one would really help