Will there be chances to get the Raptor squad?


I saw a Trailer where blue was featured will this later be implemented and you will be able to get the raptor squad or was that just a advertisement gimmick to get traffic to the game? I think it would be cool to be able to get the raptor squad.


If it makes it into the game i would guess it will only be available via the new event feature… In the video the raptor spawned during the day which is highly unlikely (but not impossible) since they mostly only spawn during the night. So far i still have 13 greyed dinosaurs and i know 2 of them to unlock (1 event common: the dracorex, 1 hybrid).

In last patch they said there were 5 ‘mystery’ dinosaur surprises so it might be blue. There is no ‘epic’ raptor so also here it is possible but you never know for sure really. The carno was also featured which nobody found so far; once again i bet its an event-only dino.