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WIll There Ever Be a Level 21


Do you think they will every increase the player level cap, currently set at level 20? It seems like we are past due to raise our ceiling. What is the motivating factor to not increase this?

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Possibly for the 1st year anniversary as it would be a suitable time to do it?


What kind of dino’s would come after Uniques?

Common - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Unique - ?? Godzilla!!



The Bunnersaurus!



Yeah, most games eventually do raise player level cap. But it’s not even a year old, it will probably take more time to do so.

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Honestly I just wish they kept tracking XP like pogo in case they do raise the level cap the XP is not wasted.


I figured they were in the background, somewhere as part of the profile data… but it is Ludia, so… :man_shrugging:


Pogo is like 2.5 yrs old and they still havent lifted the XP cap there either…we have folks over there with enough xp to have hit lvl 40 8x already…lol


They may look at the game as how much time an average player will play before getting bored with the game and going to another. I don’t know what the number is. They may figure 4-6 months for a game like this before the average player stops playing.

They made it so you can get dinos into the mid teens within a month and a half and first dino’s to 20 in about 2 months. This gets you into mid to upper level arenas and to the point you can start beating the epic strike towers.

The unique dinos are for the super players and meant to take several months to obtain and keep dinos out there that will be challenging to get.

We are at the point where the top players have many of the unique dinos and want more challenge.

What do they do? Add more uniques?.. higher dino levels? Higher player levels.

This game is basically Dart… build dinos… Battle. That’s it. There isn’t a master dino end game battle to achieve to say… “I beat the game.”