Will these bugs ever get fixed

A couple of things two fights in a row the game froze forcing me to restart the app and lose and it’s getting ridiculous. Also is ludia ever going to fix the lagging of rare and epic cenozoic creatures both for matches and darting. Games are suppose to be fun not looking for any way to screw you over.


I can understand that these issues can be frustrating, @Dariane_Mickelson. Rest assured that our team is looking into them.

If your abilities disappears in battle again, restarting your game should bring them back up.

I’ve been wondering if they’re gonna fix the lag ever since it was introduced to the game but it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna do anything about it. Which sucks because it looks like the new hybrids might use some of that DNA. I guess those of us who missed out on thousands of DNA are just out of luck since that part of the game doesn’t work for us and we are unable to dart them. Honestly, i expect some kind of compensation for this terrible programming. It’s unacceptable. The game literally does not work for some people.


Its just your device’s turn for something. Android 9 devices went an entire patch cycle with darting being brutally bad - everyone else was okay but what about the thousands of dna they missed out on? Don’t worry, some other device will get broken next patch cycle and they’ll miss out - and no one will get compensated for their frustration. I think ludias incompetence will balance things out eventually, don’t worry… Eventually everyone will get a turn at basically unplayable.

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I am constantly having to restart my game because it loses connectivity. Then I have to restart twice before it works. And in an hour or 2 it does it again. I am getting blank maps with no dinos or stops. I never had these issues before but it is getting kind of annoying.

That doesn’t make it fair or acceptable.

So many arena bugs. Some have been around forever. I can play other PvP battle games without getting disconnected or forced to restart.

Sucks to have to restart and come back into a match just in time to see your dino getting annihilated.

Why is it such an issue for ludia to figure this stuff out?

Chat scroll bug is the worst. Not game breaking by far, but it does my head in :joy:

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Hello Ned
for well over a month now i have reported a bug with the new hybrids / cenozoic creatures in the game where they either slow the game right down or make it crash completely because of the extremely bad lag time on the game.
Elasmotherium, Marsupial lion, Smilodon these 3 creatures have the worst game lag i have ever come across while playing this game it is so bad in fact that i am lucky if i get more than 10 dino DNA when trying to dart any of these 3 dinos at all!
can something please be done about fixing this bug because it is rapidly making the game not worth while playing at all due to the repetitive losses in PVP battles in the arenas time and time again. i can understand we lose battle every once in a while or sometimes a few bunched together whenever we hit a losing streak but… losing more than 35 battles in a row is a complete joke !.
when other players of the game field any of these 3 creatures i am more inclined to just quit the battle entirely because of oops you guessed it … laggggggggggggggggggggg time pops up yet again causing me to lose yet another pvp battle costing me a veritable mountain of battle trophies in the process. i personally do not use any of the 3 creatures mentioned ( elasmotherium, marsupial lion, smilodon ) at all because to me they are a waste of time fielding them owing to the severe lag time or constant game crashes if i do use them.
check out the pictures i have attached to this message to see just how lousy an amount of dino DNA i do get when trying to dart these useless walking DNA disasters !
kind regards

:sweat: I’m sorry about the lag that some of the Cenozoic creatures are causing, @JoeVolcano27. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re still actively looking for a fix for this.

It may be device specific. I can’t say that I’ve had any problems with the new cenozoic critters.

yet again the battle arenas are crashing time and time again and it is only getting worse
28 times in the last 2 days alone the game has crashed big time whenever i try battling
anyone at the worst time possible… right in the middle of a battle and to make it even
worse in almost 76% of those battles i was winning but lost due to the game crashing
in the middle of a battle yet again. can something be done about this please s it is making
battles a lot harder to win because i never know when entering a battle if it is going to game
crash on me causing me to lose a battle i could possibly win or lose i dont really know but this
MAJOR BUG needs to be fixed please and hopefully before V1.8 is released in the coming days ahead.