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Will These Creatures be Enough for Dominator League?

My top creatures are :

  1. Level 10 Eolambia
  2. Level 10 Eudimorphodon
  3. [2 potential level 30 T-Rexes currently incubating]
  4. Level 40 Postosuchus
  5. Level 40 Velociraptor
  6. Level 30 Labyrinthosaurus

And I won the Shunosaurus tournament at level 54. I really wanna go to 60 and get that Megalosaurus (and the CoT dinosaurs), but I’m a bit concerned if these lineup creatures mentioned above can atleast get me in 80th 90th Place of the Dominator League in the Heavyweight Division…

Bracketed tournaments are fairly rare, averaging about once per quarter. So, do not build your game around them.

That said, your lineup is unlikely to get you a Dominator finish. It’s not impossible, but very unlikely. It’s going to be tough enough to get Predator victories with that line up. The Eolambia, Eudimorphodon, and T rexes MAY be able to get you some victories if you draw favorable matches.

Opening up Clash of Titans will help get you the support you need to get a Dominator-ready lineup.


Thank you very much! I’ll keep that in mind.

I’ve gotten in Predator with worse creatures.

Wouldn’t hurt to try. Learning how bots think can get you almost impossible wins.

No, they’ll probably get Predator victories, although at the very top it will be hard

The bottom of Predator is a LOT easier than the top of Predator/bottom of Dominator.


Maybe you’ll get lucky and face lower tier creatures in dominator.

In my pre-Dom finish days, I noticed that I could get mid-Pred level battles into lower Dom from mid-Pred if I did it all in one tight run.

Than, I’d get smacked back down with Dom battles until I fell back to mid-Pred. I might still get one “hang over” Dom level battle before it resets back to mid-Pred levels.

That all being said, I’ve found I could sneak briefly in to lower Dom from time to time.

So, if you can hang in mid to upper pred, you might be able to blitz into lower Dom at the end of the Tournament.

This was my experience in Jurassic at least.