Will these two ever get a hybrid?

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The reason I’m asking this is because they are both just epics and one of them uses exclusive DNA. So players, specially F2P players, should think before leveling them up if there’s a chance they will get a hybrid

they are both superhybrids
superhybrids dont get hybrids


Those are Superhybrids, not regular hybrids


That’s also a thing that I forgot to say… :sweat_smile: I was going to say that Scaph is terrible for a superhybrid

name one superhybrid with a hybrid

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Idk, there isn’t one. I’m so close to erlidom. Just 10 more dna and the grind is over until I get I Rex to level 30.

Let’s just say that they have a similar chance of getting a hybrid as Uniques do. So pretty slim.