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Will this creature be unlocked

I did some of these challenges and some from Omega 09 to unlock it. Now I won’t have enough to unlock this. Will it automatically unlock once I complete all tasks?

Yes, once you get Juggernaut it will automatically unlock the Valkyrie B-DNA missions.

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@Waterboxen73 I mean once I finish the mission since I don’t have enough B-DNA I will need quite a bit more (like 10,000+). So once all the Juggernaut 32 tasks are completed will it automatically unlock Juggernaut 32 or will I need to keep doing missions to unlock it?

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You will need to complete the extra missions to unlock it since the remaining ones will not give you enough B-DNA to do so.

The answer is no @Doggy, until you get 16,000 BDNA it will not unlock.

And you will be unable to access Valkyrie until you unlock Juggers.


Thanks for the information everyone.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question, whoops