Will this disappear after the movie?


I really love this game but am hesitant to spend real money on the game after spending a small fortune on The Croods which was also a fun game but it disappeared after the hype of the movie was over. Is there any assurance that this will be around similar to pokemon go?


I dont think anyone can give you an answer.
Its hard to tell but i dont think this game will disappear in the near future :slight_smile:


You aren’t paying for infinity. Everything has a time limit. This is no different than French fries at McD’s, VHS, cassette tapes, laserdisc, Colecovision, Commodore 64, Apple II, or everything alive on earth. Just enjoy while you can, spend or don’t spend, however you feel like playing. Me, I don’t spend. I only play to get dinos for AR pics. Don’t care about battles.


I imagine that this game will be around, and keep on evolving, until and beyond the release of Jurassic World III (2021). As for paying, I wouldn’t as it’s not necessary for the enjoyment of the game, besides it’s far more rewarding when you ‘win’ those Epic 24 hour incubators from battling and winning.


As long as they keep making more money than it costs to run they will stay around.