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Will this game be ignored in a few months?


This is my first game ever on a smartphone. I like hunting the dinos on my commutes and battling, but i am assuming it will be over soon?

also would be nice to be able to change battleground.


Yeah, I LOVE the game concept, everything is amazing about the gameplay. BUT the pay to play concept will make this game die. Once you get above lvl 7 or so, you need too much resources to just collect them. I can collect like 5k gold a day by playing for 2-3 hours. But you can get that amount by paying about €3.


If ludia keeps treating this game like some cash cow it isnt then yeah itll die pretty fast. People will stop spending money after they get taken advantage of to many times, and those that refuse to pay will stop playing because they arent going to give money to such a greedy company. I love this game, it’s just to bad the company behind it doesnt care about the consumers. They are literally trying to drive people right from the start to get frustrated so they spend spend spend. Dont get me wrong, micro transactions are expected. But I bet they’d make more money if the prices wherent so horrible, cause then even more people would buy cause then people won’t feel like they’re selling their soul to a MOBILE game.


Oh and let me also add that when you level the price of those other incubators next to the 6 hour free one all go up. I’m level 7 and now have to pay almost the 50 dollar cash amount to buy them. Yeah. Real nice ludia.


Niantic has annonced Friends update. That’s the reason for many players to come back to Pokemons…


Also the fact that more and more people aren’t even able to load the game to begin with.


That friends update kills the game :smiley: rip pokemon go 2016-2018.


Why does it kill the game?


“My first game ever on a smart phone”

I wouldn’t imagine this makes you the expert on where the mobile phone gaming industry is headed. This game is very well balanced and filled a ton of holes in gameplay that other augmented reality games left blindly open even to this day. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but I think the game has a long lifespan ahead of it. I’ll be covering it regularly at my YT channel.


If they dont add more stuff like for example; Eggs, Things that can attract dinos to you, or even more dinos, i think this amazing game will die out, like the dinos once did.


Well i doubt it will be ignored soon; players are buying loads of incubators left and right. Why give up on something that generates money? Thats right because it generates money.

Game has also only been out for a month-ish and had a beta so it is a fresh game and numerous players are joining left and right. One month+ ago this game had 1.000 downloads; now it has 5 million. It definitely has a target audience but im affraid the game is in a completely different position compared to PoGo.

PoGo is actively developing multiple features that support an ‘on the go’ game experience and it is only becoming better with friends & trading. Community day is also an awesome feature, for example.

Here is the best example: simply start looking at the YT channels and their content for both games.
JWA: buying every single incubator and showcasing entirely new dinosaurs (pretty much unobtainable for new players unless bought yourself), having huge amounts of legendaries and leveled up dinosaurs in general, only arena battles in the highest arena against a huge variety of ‘op’ dinosaurs (because most is bought).

Gamingbeaver is one of the few who has a similar team like mine; a couple of legendaries and starting to create more or low level. As a beta player myself i can relate the most to him and show how JWA really is in its current state. It takes quite some time to progress (thats how it is supposed to be imo) or you pay 2 progress (super fast). Unique dinosaurs aren’t ‘unique’ anymore of you can buy them from an incubator lol. Now we can even catch it in the wild; after that you probably won’t since… It is kind of unobtainable at THIS moment of the game; especially as a newer player. Game is out for 2 - 3 weeks and already showcasing uniques in events? Game is going way too fast.

PoGo: footage of on the go gameplay; outside with strangers and friends, community day hypes, tips & tricks and mostly update news. How to catch shinies; a truly UNIQUE pokemon. Nothing is bought; everything you see is obtained via playing the game.

Both games should focus on similar audiences but have completely different values.
In the end i don’t mind if they sell incubators or not; even the level-up bundles which were imo not that bad… Until the prices come up.
No wonder players are shouting ‘p2w’ (it is still wrong but i get where you are coming from); the game is very much focussed on ‘buying’ your way to the top vs PoGo’s ‘hey lets go outside to catch shinies on community days!’ a.k.a you play the actual game. Yt only completely confirms what im saying here. Players will always dish out money for anything (i also purchased items in JWA) but if you limit players too much (gold cap, incubator store galore,…) and put the ‘on the go’ part as ‘it is just a feature’ and not the actual main activity of the game… It truly makes you doubt if they are targeting the right audience at all.

This game would very much be a perfect clash royale-type of game. fight in arena for incubators; waiting X amount of TIME for an incubator (not walking distance); go look at clash royale footage and it completely overlaps to JWA. “Buying 20 epic incubators”, “new heroes” which are max level on day 1 because they bought it (but it actually is cheap). If literally 1 actual ‘on the go’ game comes out which combines 'PvP, supply drops everywhere even rural, and 'always and only on the go, unique “shinies” ’ im affraid maybe even both will be history. Both games have pro’s and con’s; but imo JWA is not a true ‘on the go’ and loads of players who were looking for this experience might just stop after the grind gets too serious (aftet