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Will this game ever be fair?

So here’s a great example of nearly every battle I have now. My highest Dino is a lvl26 Thor…without maxed out stat boosts. And I’m always up against teams of lvl 30…in the most recent case all 4 dinos I faced were lvl 30 and all with damage around 2500-3000!! This is a pointless game…these can’t be beaten!! Especially a Thor that crit hits you 4times in a row with that ridiculous damage. So Do I just try dropping down in the trophies? Get to a less ridiculous stage in the game! Because it makes battles POINTLESS!! I’ll win 1 out of 5-6 battles that just about keeps me stuck in this arena. Well on most days I win like 1-2 out of 12-13 battles

Because more and more people quit the game.

People are tired of it.

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You’re in LEAGUE 1.
When you’re playing endgame people, you will be facing endgame dinos.
It will get even tougher from here on out.
I am in your arena with all 30’s.
You really should be proud of your accomplishment.


The new Boost system will not allow these stats to be made. One of Three will be high, never all of them in such bad way.
I am waiting for it.i’m sure that they will implement something wrong , but we will see.


You’re just too high. Those thors are a defense line of basically saying: woah, you’re not supposed to be here! Chomp


We all reach that point in trophies. You win until you start facing monsters that you do not have a chance of winning against, drop in trophies to where you can start winning again.

It seems like that should show you that you have reached your high cap of where you can battle. That is as far as your team/boost/skill level can advance. You should drop in trophies to where you are winning more than 50% and start to rise again.


I’m now in low aviary.
After the trophy reset many of us are facing unfair battles.
Dropped 400 trophies in the last day.
Reevaluating strategy in this game right now.
Drop down low and just stay, or quit. Those are my options. Playing in the current fashion isn’t an option for me. Too angry at the developers for “seasons”. The rich get richer, the poor get screwed in this game. It used to be fun.

In short? today i mistakenly pressed arena battle with my tournament team with average lvl 10. While freaked out when i realized i still had my tournament team…i thought to myself: maybe it wouldnt be that bad because Ludia did say it takes your team stenght into account for the matchmaking. Thr match started a the opponent literally had all dinos at max lvl 30 and tier 6-7 boosts on. Well, i guess ludia lied about their matchmaking.

Team strength doesn’t matter over 5k trophies. My team average is 27 and I literally see 1 dino out of 10 under level 30 but as someone else said, I maintain so it often feels like I never win but i do go on streaks up and down

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Pfft that’s nothing

I just fought this in mid aviary so ya. And then a level 16 indo gen 2 came in with 154 speed and 1.5k attack so it’s not gonna get any better once u drop

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For months people complained they wanted trophy based match making back. Ludia gives us mostly trophy based match making for avairy and completely trophy based match making for anyone above 5k.

Trophy based match up doesnt care if you have lvl 1 unboosted dinos and your opponent has lvl 30 tier 10 dinos… if your trophies are similar its a fair fight.

What surprises me is the 135 speed, seeing as how many boosts are poured into that thor, you would expect at least 150 speed

Getting it to the next tier for speed would be costly, moving 2 other dinos.from 6 to 7, and isnt 100% necessary for what Thor does.

Trophy based matchmaking is fair because if you are a better player with lower level dinos, it’s only fair you fight crap players with higher level dinos. It isn’t Ludias fault that some players have more money than sense and never actually bother to learn how to actually play the game.

The only thing that isn’t fair is when you are not awarded 30 trophies for a win. It surely should be a straight win or lose 30 EVERY time, just as it is in every sport. How can you punish the winner by giving less for a win? It’s like saying the top teams in a league won’t get the same points for beating the lower teams.

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I agree… but whats really causing these high avairy match ups is Ludia holding on to some notion that team strength should still apply to that equations which is keeping some teams in high avairy that belong higher.

Like in another thread i mentioned getting matched with another forum user who had a straight 28/29 team… which easily beat my mostly 23/25 team.

What we need is the removal of the team strength algorithm in avairy to get more “unfair” matches like this so teams can climb out where they belong.

Further adding to this is the pity ai at around 4500 handing out 40 trophies which keeps teams in avairy that really dont belong their.

The safe guards Ludias running are putting teams of 21s in an arena thats filled with both mid 20 teams and near max teams and the only way that gets fixed is returning avairy to trophy based match making which will create some bad days for us in avairy and library as they climb out.


But to get them to climb there needs to be more trophies in the pool. Without that influx, users will just keep trading them back and forth. Everyone will stay bottled up. Those level 21 - 22 will have to face the fleets of 30’s. Every reset there are fewer trophies to go around. This creates more of a bottle neck and forces those groups to remain viable MM opponents.

You mentioned that there are only 10,000 players above… 5000 was it? Or 4500? If they get spread out more and trophy based, matches will be harder to find. The bottleneck could be intentional on Ludia’s part to keep users close enough to find opponents, even if they are mismatched strength wise. Those 40 trophy wins could very well be intentional so those users do not fall too far in trophies.


They have to many arenas… thats the biggest issue… but since they are here… more need to he higher… not stuck in avariy… if shifted everyone up one arena it would alleviate some of the issue… but this is making it worse

Its benefits noone to have higher level teams struggling to break through to library and smaller level teams in library but thats what its like…

Oh I know all too well about being stuck in Aviary and even facing many of the same players multiple times through the week lol… Team strength limits the amount of players you can face in Aviary. Really glad I’m out of there. It was even worse before. It’s a little better now but it should be even less dependent on the team strength. There is an oblivion in the Aviary where you can be vacuumed into a place where you’re just stuck lol.

Sometimes I drop back into Aviary but I always manage to climb back now and it’s always because of a rat boosted lvl 30 that I end up back there. And boost 2.0 is going to make it worse from what I see.

I like the state of the arena a little better. Well… Except for the mascot dinos. They’re making it extra repetitive and boring and at times a little frustrating rather than fun. rat, procerat, and thoratolosaur. Thor is just always higher leveled but it’s really not that op…

I hear you. This could be such a great game but with mismatch battles, connection issues, time required to improve your team and move forward, ie months, it’s a bit depressing. I think Ludia programs the game to give maximum advantage to paying customers and Ludia staff.


It’s ludia, whaddya expect?

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