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Will this tactic be sufficient for Jurassic Tournaments?

In general,I compete in hunter league and sneak into predator in the last minute because generally the matchups in predator are really hard for me to compete in,I have 2 predator finishes and 1 dominator finish(bracketed middleweight) . So I think now that I have level 30 legendaries,I should be able to compete in predator and not just sneak in,so will level 30 legendaries actually work? Since that is my assumption,you need creatures of around level 30 super rares at the top of hunter and in predator,I expect early predator as Level 20 legendaries,level 40 super rares and level 40 common hybrids,while end of predator is more like Level 40 Legendaries,so using level 30,I should be able to compete,since we all know that we are actually facing the AI in tournaments,so it is always easier,and maybe if possible,sneak into Dominator , I believe it is time for me to venture into Predator matches to experience them myself. So what is your opinion? Will this work? Please let me know of any suggestions that you have.

There’s no definite answer for that.

Everyone plays differently. When I had Lv20 Legendaries, I was already sneaking into Dominator, but I had 18 Lv40 common hybrids.

If you want to get far, you need more copies of dinos, a deeper lineup. I wouldn’t rely on a few dinos incase you end up unlucky and face a hard matchup.


Yeah, no guarantees.

I’m the same type of quantity over quality.

No matter your Dino’s, sometimes the game skunks you with a hard match, or unexpected AI play.

For a Dom finish, which averages 1200, you need 30 wins @40 points.

You can do the math on how long your Dino cool downs are and how many times you can Battle in a 3 day 4 hour tournament.

I’d plan on 50% win rate in Dom.

Level 30 legendary Dino’s have a tough time in Dom.


I once had a VERY close finish in the old Styxosaurus tourney a few months back… My best were just level 20 super rares. I think I just got lucky that time…

Not impossible. I think you should try. Buy back creatures if you have to, a couple of hundreds of bucks isn’t too bad when you get 2 legendaries instead of 2 super rares.

I have played matches with level 20 Legendaries in Predator,in general, half of the time I face balanced matchups,other times I am stomped,hence I asked level 30,it will be great if my level 20 legendaries work as well. I only have 1 Level 40 Common hybrid at the moment though. Have to wait and stack DNA for those guys. I should try though.

I am sure that using Meat Shields to open will help with my final creature being my strongest,I hope there is a Kaprosuchus event somewhere nearby,then I can unlock one,I have 1 at level 20,but I need to unlock it . It is a great meat shield.

It’s easiest to win with a balanced lineup. People who fight with 1 class or 2 classes of creatures are at the mercy of the matchup. With a little practice, you can beat any lineup with 3 different classes(especially aquatic and all Cenozoic challenges.

When fighting tourneys, most people use carnivore and amphibian. So generally you want a lineup to kill those 2. use your advance to slaughter Them by planning out your kills.

Okay,I do observe that,in my precious account,I used to always use Quetzalcoatlus,Aerotitan,Rhamphorhynchus to open with,in hunter league,I do not have Aerotitan unlocked in this account,will unlock Quetzalcoatlus today.