Will titanoboa gen 2 ever get a hybrid?

I’ve been leveling my boa gen 2 to lvl 15. But Is it really worth it? Should i have not wasted coin and dna? And if it did get one, what would be the other component?

it’s obviously gonna get one with this next update

Accordingi to the leak he will to have an hybrids with majundasuchus

if unofficial leaks are to be believed, then yes boa g2 will be getting a hybrid. I wouldn’t level it up any higher right now. we aren’t quite sure what level it needs to be and you don’t want to over level and waste the dna. its either best guess is either 11 or 15.

I’m still working on Titanoboa’s hybrid, Spinoconstrictor. I’m happy to say I got 10 DNA in yesterday from one of my fuses, but now I’m lacking spino DNA. :frowning:

I do know of the leaks, although they say the dinos need to be lvl 15 while the hybrid is only a lvl 11. So I have no clue what lvl they need to be

The hybrid is probably epic

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That was probably just a typo. It’s not the first time it’s happened

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