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Will utarinex remain intact after 1.6?


So, we all know they changed the wording for utarinex’s distracting rampage some time ago - then changed it back when there was an uproar from the masses. The same thing with draco gen2 - -wording changed, then wording changed back. Reading various posts I get the impression that people still believe dracoG2 will still get the 2 turn lockdown, yet most believe utarinex will remain unchanged.

I personally think utarinex will indeed get the 1 turn delay on distracting rampage in exchange for a swap in move. It just seems logical.

What sort of speculation do others have? I kind of always believed the change in wording was a bad way of trickling out information on changes to come, and I think Ludia learned their lesson this time - but that the changes are still coming… both of them.


I won’t have that unique for awhile yet so how it changes really doesn’t affect me and im sure most won’t notice it either. Since most still don’t have it


Gonna go with yes, they both change. I think DG2 will get the add’l turn lockdown and they’ll add a 1 turn delay to dist rampage. However, I think they’ll suppliment Rinex with either a SIA or a stat buff.


I’m not touching Utarinex until the patch notes are released. I’ve put everything toward Thor.

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I’m not doing a thing to either until I know what’s going on.


I know the feeling. I haven’t put any DNA into anyone since the previous season. Figure I’m going to get 500 Erlik no matter what so why bother? On the upside, it’s amazing how many coins you can save up when you have nothing to spend it on! :wink:


I do hope Ludia doesn’t chicken out because of crybabies and will push the adjustment / nerf forward if their data shows it is indeed needed.

Then if it is too much, they can always adjust in positive way as well.

Currently basically everyone is using both Utarinex and Diloracheirus. I would be absolutely surprised if they didn’t get a nerf.


why dont they just buff other dinos instead of nerfing? i cant understand that yet. if they think rinex is op (which isnt) they should buff its counters, instead of nerfing him and making it useless


Because you don’t just buff like 100+ characters up to a new and ridiculous power level instead of bringing down the problematic 1-5.

Also, a nerf doesn’t make something useless by default. A badly executed nerf? Maybe. But then again it is assured that eventually it will be buffed back as well.


you dont have to buff 100 creatures to solve the issue. with a well thought and tested buffs they can balance it out

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Yeah, fixing magna could turn it into a good counter. Or a new unique that’s immune and fast or with slowing moves and a good chuck of HP to survive the rampage on the first turn.


Certain texts have been changed already. Utari is not one as of yet. Slowing impact has changed to a 2 turn CD. And Nullifying impact is now a 1 turn CD. Unfortunately just text changes as of now


Hadn’t noticed those! My Monostego thanks you, Ludia!


Because again in the long run that would result in power creep and that is never desirable. It ruins games

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Distracting Rampage delay is problematic cause of Pyrritator. Then Pyrri needs hp buff or Distracting Strike.
So unless they make changes to Pyrri I don’t see DR getting delay.

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Just level up Utasinoraptor instead, I think it’s actually a much better creature for competitive battling - because it can keep up it’s momentum, whereas Rinex often gets stalled or has to switch out, and it’s also a bit too slow making it more inferior.

I haven’t heard anything about them not nerfing Distracting Rampage to +1 delay since it was originally noticed, but if they do they will have to give some compensations to these (what will be dead) dino-hybrids. Personally I hope that they leave it alone and focus on the more broken and imbalanced aspects of the game.


It has nothing to do with with the meta needing it. Indo raptor, spinot, erlidom, green chicken, stegod, trago, monostego, utahsino all work well against rinex! The meta is great as it is, maybe a tweak on thor or a buff on certain dinos but overall this is the best balance we have had in some time.

The rinex nerf is a business move to make him weaker verses the new dinos so ludia can make money. Everytjing they do is to push to spend more and more coin but if they are greedy they wont balance it out. If they think it through they can get the balance so there is more positive for players than negatives.

Those who complain about rinex and green chicken are not at the end game yet and so will be beat by th stronger uniques untill they reach that level themselves and then they will see the balance.

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“best balance” and “stronger”

That’s the definition of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. If the balance is good, then there shouldn’t be a “stronger” bracket. If there are stronger ones by default, then you don’t have proper balance.

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Well no because you miss the point of the game. You collect dinos, level them up and fight to the top.

There has to be a heirarchy or tiers in which there are those at the top and those at the bottom. A level 30 will win a level 25 and a level 25 will win a level 20 in general.

You cant have a level 10 and expect to beat a 20. Thats you wanting the cake and eating it. If a player has grafted hard to get a unique and level him aswell as the rest of his team vs someone who has not done as much, the player who has not done as much should not expect to win.

A unique also should be stronger than legendarys, yet some legs are better than the unique. So the lower player gets a chance. I think that is balance in a competitve game (aside from rng).

So to shout nerf when your a weaker player is wrong. My rinex loses to many higher levels or uniques. But they earned it the lower player didnt and yet he sometimes wins.

In addition, i choose rinex over thor and will never, in the near future, be able to get thor so if they nerf rinex they nerf 1/8 of my team that ive worked hard for because they either wanna make money or nerf the current meta for the new dinos to make money lol. Obv we dont know how things are going to pan out so we will just have to wait and see. But in the meantime to nerf rinex when he is a mid tier top dino is wrong just because someone hasnt unlocked a/enough counters.

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The problem I feel is if they nerf the unique, the raptor won’t be left untouched as it will then just become too much better than the unique and plus getting and levelling a unique requires a lot more resources and potentially money…so ludia will still want people to give them money. Just my thoughts