Will we be getting more bioluminescent creatures?

After Para Lux, will we be getting more bioluminescent creatures?

What creatures do you want to see have a bioluminescent version?


Given that they call them out as a group in the release notes, my guess is yes. Parasaurolophus Lux may be the only cannon one, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make more. After all, there are only two cannon hybrids.


Maybe Ludia is practicing to create a game for the upcoming Avatar movies.


Any creatures you’d like to see bioluminescent in particular?

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An Amargasaurus would be cool. But I don’t really have a preference myself. I would expect them to just make the standard dinos.


You can prob already guess which creature I would want to see bioluminescent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

there are more than 2 cannon hybrid, stegoceratops was supposed to be in it and there were a few other creatures on some computers. i dont think there will be any more unless some come up in camp cretacious

the dimteradon, unicorn wizard is the beavers nickname for it right.


A unicorn?


I just want to see a bioluminescent T. rex lol :t_rex: :t_rex:

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no his name is unicor lizard and beaver used to call dimetradon that

Sorry, what?

in jurassic world the game, the gaming beaver used to call the dimetradon unicron wizard

That’s where I got the name from, TGB got me into the Jurassic games lol

It was, but it still never showed up in any official media, so I still don’t think it’s cannon. Even if it is, my point is only that JWA isn’t limited to cannon creatures when they add stuff to the game.

i would lke to see a biolumnescant irex, cuz well it would make sense cuz he can cloak. they can cloak so it makes sense

ak, ok

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Interesting. Would you mind sharing it with us? Where can I see it?

For general glowing creatures i can defenetly imagane somethig like ark’s aberant creatures, like how they gave the equus glowing patterns and at night it looks like a glowing zebra, or how the aberant scorpion has glowing claws, and most thing have some realy nice lil glowy patterns on the back.

Wouldn’t mind if they took some inspiration from ARK’s x-creatures too