Will we ever get unlock events for Gen2 dinos?

We’ve had multiple "Gen 2 Fury"es but so far, no unlock. I currently have a level 30 Gen2 Rex and a level 20 Gen2 Raptor. Will we keep on getting these non-unlock events? Or will an unlock finally materialize?


I have been wondering the same for Hyneria and Leedsicthys as well. They were released long enough ago and are just normal legendaries with no unlock.


There will probably be enough events to get us 6 or 7 T-Rexs and as many velociraptors. Then I expect Ludia to push packs for real money knowing full well that people will buy them to unlock I-Rex gen II. I doubt there will be an unlock until well after that.


You’re probably exactly right. Makes perfect sense from a business standpoint