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Will we ever have a hybrid between Dinos Vip?

Dinos vips are amazing and very powerful, but will we ever have a hybrid between acrocanto and baryonix? Tanico and Eolambia? Apatosaurus and proceratosaurs?
Anyway, seriously amazing to see the combination between Vips!

I’m more hoping for hybrids on the weaker dinos which are of very little use at the moment, like Allosaurus, Gallimus and so on.


Well I’d definitely prefer a SR amphi hybrid myself, but yeah, there’s plenty of unused Jurassics still. Hybrid VIPs an interesting idea though… but considering how long it takes to get even a single VIP up to a level 40, we’re talking something very few players could even create… and since they aren’t purchasable with DNA, making more than one would be even more challenging. I think Ludia’s more likely to create hybrids that are going to be far more widely available to players.

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I would prefer more hybrids made from special legendary dinosaurs (which are a lot easier to get than vips). The only problem is that Ludia continue to put the same dinos at tournaments and clash of titans event , so it is more difficult to unlock many of them . People vote these specific dinos because they have already hybrids, but some of us want to unlock more special dinos in case they get a new hybrid in the future .