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Will we get alliance tools?

I do not intend for this thread to be a discussion about alliance tools, I just want to know what Ludia’s efforts are in this.

Its been asked for for quite some time. Many threads exist on this subject.

Many leaders and active alliances have to use sub par means to determine which members may or may not be active. Some even go to extreme lengths with requiring screen shots. I am even thinking of making my own external site just for my alliance to click when they have completed a set task (click when done with dailies, click when done with daily incubator, etc…).

All of this could of course be remedied by allowing at least the leader to see more stats. I don’t want to develop some third party thing if you guys are likely to include some type of tools soon.

Can we get some word on if this is even being tested or looked at? Could it possibly be in the next update? With the backlash that comes from JWA updates, I think including alliance tools would at the very least be something you receive favorable feedback from across the board (except for leachers that will get removed from alliances because of this.)

Any info would be nice. Thanks.



In the gamepress interview they said they are working on alliance tools but there is back end server stuff causing issues. They said they would like to move it up on their list but bug fixes and game stability updates need to come first.

Take that as you may… but considering the current state of bug fixes and stability.


I think it is a part of the next update, at least what it sounded like in the interview. It is needed for sure. Although not a high priority after the mess 1.10 brought.
I think the worst part is that they can neither confirm nor deny that it is being worked on since communication here on the forums is and has always been lacking from the actual Devs

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Though devs should not be on the forum, they should be developing. In most projects I have worked on, there is customer support and development. Support is the intermediary between customers and development. That is not always the case, especially in beta or determining requirements and constraints…but I can only recall speaking to a handful of customers of a product that was operational, and that was doing remote connections to verify the nature of a specific issue I could not recreate.

Having said that, support should be faster in relaying information from the developers in my opinion. I think we can all agree on that.

While I hope you are wrong…that sounds about right!

I’ve found that even the simplest of communication that Ludia could initiate never happens. I have no faith or patience in this company for that aspect. Look at their social media platforms - all over the place!

Yeah, I would honestly be happy if the next update offered nothing new and was only bug fixes. I have said before that they should consider fixing current bugs before creating possible bugs with new features. But, maybe we get lucky and they fix some of the main bugs and we get alliance tools. Dreamers gotta dream you know :slight_smile:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is soon.

They need to fix alliance chat first. No tool can help us when game is bugged. Would be nice to have chat and dna requests separated.

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Alliance tools?

How can we rigging it to make more money?
We can’t? No alliance tools!