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Will we get another chance at emotes we missed?

I’m not sure what one needs to do to get these emotes and am wondering if they are seasonal or will be attainable in the future.

I think they will be seasonal because they can’t bring a valentines emote and not bring it back next valentines day. And you can get the brachi emote and the shrug from achievements .

that specific brachi was a paid for one. the ones in the achievement list are the love and the confused brachi.

Ooo ok I got them mixed up

I know there’s a love one and the one eating, isn’t there also that one with the achievement saying beat brachi with dsr?

Also, I mean maybe the emotes can be included in strike incubators like the heart eye one during valentines and pumpkin during halloween and brachi during the JW or JP anniversary week or something like that. But I think that will also upset players who spent money to get em so idk

i forgot about the eating brachi one. and the confused one is aquired by using DSR against a brachi.

if they become free, i really wouldn’t mind. i only bought a bundle for 1 specific emote. but if they don’t want to make them free, make them available separate. a $2-3 emote is much more manageable than a $20 bundle of stuff you don’t actually want.


You prob will be able to buy them again. The licking lips rex was just for sale again for a second time. Having bought them all…they better not make the paid ones free ever.