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Will we get more than the 4 apex dinos? if so how will it work?

i would think we surely will get at least 8 apex dinos, but how will they add them to an already pretty full roster? 2 apex raids a day would be really time consuming, but so would having raids during tournament weekends.
it would be unfair to replace the current 4 with 4 news ones as well? imagine being 5 short of getting gorgo and its taken away??? the only way this could work is if you could fuse or dart some of them and raid the others?

It’s unclear.
It looks like they have the current roster filled, 4 types a day, 4 days a week. It’s unlikely that we’ll have more than 4 bosses a day and they already said more than 4 days is not going to happen either.
Since you can’t just take an apex boss away (unless they provide another way of obtaining it) this is what we’ll just have to deal with for a while.
4 apexes is enough for me for a very long time. And no one will have all 4 to 30 until the end of the year anyway.

Tl;dr: No clue.


If you think about it having 4 x apex raid bosses as we do now is pretty much the limit it can be at present, if you have 8 x apex raid bosses made available every single player in the game would ditch their other dinos in a heartbeat for a full team of 8 x apex meta powered monsters.!.
This is where the danger lies in doing this the game would go from being somewhat stable as it it is now to a game that is running riot with rampaging monsters that would ultimately destroy the game in the long run.
So at this point i would say a definite NO to this proposal on those grounds… when you look at the facts you can see this would be the ultimate progression of the game yes every player would suddenly have the exact same 8 meta monsters on their team making the playing field level for the very first time in over 2 years but after a while it would become boring and players would start dropping from the game in droves … true .?.


Apexes aren’t all better than current dinos I’ll keep my tenontorex over a mortem

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You’ll be one of the few :slight_smile:

without a special system to allow for older apexes to be “hunted” once rotated out of raid battles, we aren’t going to get new apexes anytime soon. TBH, i would like to slow down on the raids. they’re neat, but monotonous when you have the strat down to no RNG shenanigans. id rather they improve raid mechanics before doing anything else with new raid bosses.


A restructuring down the line would be ideal, Setup a specific interface for raids that allows you to do one of each rarity a day (limit each species to once a week if needed). While it’s neat to see them on the map it’s not going to work well long term and frankly is already super annoying at times.

MOre aprx 8 days a week to do the raids because normal weeks aren’t enough to do them.

Let’s ask the world if they would mind have 1 more day to finish our raids.


First they need to fix the raid invites before introducing more raids :slight_smile:

Clearly they’re going to petition the UN to add more days to the week.

In all honesty, I could see them doing two sets of bosses, one every other week. Or they’ll just overload the four days we already have. But if they add any more bosses to any given day, they should take them off the map and give you a menu to choose which ones to fight.


I hope they add more (I’d like one for each “family” of creatures), but they need to figure out how to accommodate that because just dumping more into the game won’t work. Perhaps they can become tied to events (i.e. on High Health week, you get two days of Hadros & two days of Apex Sauropod, or on Big Theropod week, you get four days of Mortem!), with the DNA rewards being increased to offset the reduced availability. That would be the best option IMO, and it’d let them rotate raids in general while also stylizing their presence in the game.

Para Lux I’d think is the gateway to apex hybrids

I could see

Hadros Lux = Parasaurolophus Lux + Ouranosaurus (sail) + Sonorasaurus (head dome thing)

Ceramagnus = Sinoceratops (Lux?) + Erlikosaurus (speedup + feathers) + ???

Gorgotrebax = Acrocanthops or Dakotanops (Gorgonopsid + Therapod) + Smilodon

Mortem Rex = T Rex (Lux?) + ??? (something with back spikes like Tuojiangosaurus) + ???

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Maybe a 6 month rotation or year rotation of apex or raid bosses in general. It’s a given they will move them around. Nobody wants the same bosses forever. It’s like when we had the same alliance mission rewards for MONTHS.

Don’t see the problem if they were to add another 4 apex’s the guys who are not at apex levels can still do all the other raids, and the rest of the players who can complete apex raids can focus on doing thier 2 apex’s per day?

I wouldn’t mind them just shelving the older Apex bosses onto a separate tab in the PvP, akin to what they’re doing with normal PvP and Campaign modes.

The caveat being the bosses will only be available on certain days of course, but this way the map could be cleared of Mortem/Hadros/Cera/Gorgo to make way for new Apexes, but for anyone who still wants to take them on, they will still be available all day without players having to worry about finding a lobby.

And, maybe even have an option where the player gets randomly paired with three other people who also want to do the Apex raid instead of having to wait for the Raid invite to be accepted? Or be able to solo it if possible…

True, but 3 out of the current 4 are good enough to replace Uniques. Even if half of the next 4 are underpowered that’s still a lot of game-changers that almost everyone will want to use.

If they add Apex hybrids I think they’ll probably be separate from the Apex non-hybrids. I doubt we’ll have Mortem, Hadros, Cera and Trebax as fusible creatures.

Maybe not, but I still definitely see all those elements in them. Mortem looks fairly unique, but it may be the exception. Gorgotrebax always looked more like a standard hybrid than the Apex dinos we’d seen so far, and I still see those three elements (Gorgonopsid, Therapod, and Smilodon) quite clearly in it’s design. Ceramagnus is fairly unique, but once I started seeing the feathers as coming from Erlikosaurus, I couldn’t un-see it. And of course the connections between Parasaurolophus Lux and Hardos Lux through the names at least is pretty strong too. Most of them look like they could be hybrids to me.

They all have aspects that don’t come from any specific creature though. Mortem is obvious, Gorgotrebax has some seemingly thermodynamics-defying nonsense going on, Hadros has some diet weirdness as well as what appears to be some sort of inspiration drawn from bioluminescent fungi (although I could see it being a Para Lux hybrid), and Magnus has bioluminescent feathers. Perhaps we could have some new kind of DNA that isn’t from any creatable species that can be earned through special events and fused with regular creature DNA to give special and Apex DNA. Like Cuttlefish DNA for camouflage, for example.
That could also be a way of introducing aquatic hybrids to the game without creatable aquatic creatures themselves.