Will we hear of the next update this Friday, Jan 1st?

Do you guys think that this months update will be announced on this Friday, since that is usually when patch notes are released?

I think unlikely because you know… they’re still on holiday


1-2 weeks after the indom boss release



When is that?

ro :cow::fog:

That’s one thing I don’t get. When I was part of the Corp dredges we’d get the major holiday off but work still continued. I was glued to my Blackberry and everything had to keep moving. JWA is a 24/7 game and doesn’t take holidays off. Other than if the system goes down, there is no one there performing daily work. You’d think they’d still maintain a partial staff to handle requests and keep “production” moving along. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure

Doubtful for this week. The ones who make the decision to go forward with updated are most likely on holiday. Those who arent on holiday are nessecary to keep the servers running and answer support requests.


I’d say about around 22nd of January when camp Cretaceous S2 comes out. Ton of new creatures in that show that could be added: Adult Bumpy? Baryonyx Trio/Bioluminescent Baryonyx’s(New legendaries) could have potential unique or apex hybrid with para Lux. Cerato g1 and Cerato g2 for the brown female and the red male. Also maybe Toro?


22 Jan likes @TheProC said

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I suspect it will be 1 update on 12th Jan to show they are working then another 1 month later to include all the Camp Cretaceous stuff

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After Indominus rex boss release
1 week or more