Will we see a final purge!


Hoping there will be 1 final spoofers purge before the end of the tournament just to be as fair to everyone as possible!!!


It’s sunday… a day of rest and self reflection :innocent:.
I doubt there will be any surprises today (but I do hope Ludia keeps showing cheaters and spoofers the door even after the tournament is over)


We just nailed one that outed himself. Sadly, his post got closed down by the mods. It wasn’t exactly derailed. It just didn’t end up the way he thought it would. LOL

And he just started on the forums about 3 hours ago, so he isn’t getting a very good start by posting a photo with his FlyGPS app icon visible. When i pointed this out, he almost immediately removed the photo. Oops!



Lol nice :+1: 202020202020


LOL oh, it gets better. You really need to read the whole thing. What makes it even funnier is how he basically abandoned his post.


That happened one other time didn’t it? Only that time they modified it with a half-hearted MS paint squiggle to hide the icon.


Yep. Same thing, different spoofer.