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Will your party be ready?

Rakshasa coming soon to Warriors of Waterdeep!


Party is ready to go, but for what? New campaign or just another character
Also it’s already Oct… any specific date?

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I would love to give you all thoes details…but I can’t :frowning:

Keep an eye on our different social channels for updates in the next few days.


Owooo… It’s The Eye of The Tiger That Will Win You The Fight… CAN’T WAIT!!!:heart_eyes:

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Don’t get too excited @SweetShay23. I think this is an expansion of explore not another player character. Unless we’re getting evil ones?

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Dang, He Looks So Cool!!! Wish He Would Be Playable Tho…Even If He Is Evil!!! LOL

My partys ready for some tiger meat. Dragon steak isnt as tastely for them anymore :smile:


Ludia Ya Bunch Of Trickster’s, Y’all Moved That Free Chest Down Again!! Didn’t Ya​:thinking::upside_down_face::smirk::joy::grin: I Spy With My Little Eye, A Chest That’s Slid Down The Totem Pole​:joy::grin:

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I wonder if these images go along with the teaser image:


Map selection

Overland bridge

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Where Did Ya Find That At? @retsamerol (Retsamerol)
That Rite There Is Some Awesome Sauce!!!

The @WoWaterdeep Twitter account.

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Is That Link On This Page?
Or Through The Game?
I Tried Hitting The One On The Other Page, But It Just Redirected Me, Maybe It’s Not Up And Running Yet?

Additional great news! FYI Rakshasa were not originally an “evil” race. Its one of my top favorites! (#2 to be exact!) Can anyone guess my #1 all time favorite race??