William Crome & Oliver Black

Anyone know when William Crome and Oliver Black are returning, they’ve been offline for a solid 2 months now. Also Salvatore Luciano can back for literally a day and then went offline again. Debating deleting the game at this point as none of my matches are ever online these days.

Hi there, @Courtneyg101, although I can’t get into too much detail, the turnaround time on new storyline content can be surprisingly long. :sweat: The team knows that players want their favorite stories to continue, however, so they’re doing their best to regularly release new content. Thanks for letting us know who you’d most like to see make a comeback, I’ll pass it along to our team.

Is there a way they can make it last longer than a day as well?

Especially Aesha, Emmalyn, Jasmin and Dahlia