William Crome x MC spoiler

So, during a rather sexy excipade, things had gotten heated with MC and William after showing him around his castle. Well, revealing his ability to fly, they passionately made love and he offered to turn MC, i bought the coins to do so and the end left it where the MC kised him as a changed vamp.

However, William messages as if it was a casual outing the next time? And throughout the next roundabouts its never once mentioned about the MC turning.

Now in a new event, the MC is talking about life…of eternity…as if they are still human!!!

Whats going on? Did i waste coins because I specifically to chose that option for him to turn me.

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I think an “eternity” of memories can sometimes get jumbled up. :thinking:

Our team will check in with William on this.

Thank you, RPGAMER!

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