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It’s a desicion between the rest of the Platinum Fidelty Prize Drop (very close to it, 3 more VIP ticket sets that in total cost around 4K-5K LPs) or saving up 20K for the Prestosuchus.

I have VIP subscription and 12K loyalty points, what do you all say I should go for? I am quite tempted to go for the Platinum Prize Drop, but the Prestosuchus is something I really need.

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Do the diamond pack. You’re buying the 10 discounted right?


@Timmah Yeah, I am doing them all at once i.e 1200 LPs or 1600 LPs. Should I go for it? Anyway I am getting a level 40 Ichthyostega soon…

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Well,it is up to you how desperately you want it,if I you have pterodactylus or Concavenator do not,if you do not have either of those go for it. The Diamond Fidelity has a chance to win one of the 35k Pack creatures,plus the rewards you get everyday alongside the fidelity wheels constitutes a major part.

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It will not be a help to your team till it is level 20 because your teams ferocity is higher,and you were not satisfied with level 10 VIPs the last time I remember because of the performance in dominator.

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You’re right @anon43877113, only those who have a really powerful lineup may be able to get Dominator victories with level 10 VIPs because it isn’t a very big risk and they can afford losses, whereas I was counting on those level 10s when they were my only powerful creatures. Then I realised that level 10 VIPs and Dominator league does not have a connection till they’re not the creatures your entire Tournament is counting on.

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Remember another thing,Prestosuchus can be won in the Solid Gold packs and Diamond fidelity wheel as well.


I want to go for the thing because I already have a level 10,so I know it will help me in the future in some or the other way. It is my best amphibian. All VIP creatures have the same ferocity. Prestosuchus is vital for me because of my lack of glass cannons where most of my carnivores have a health to attack ratio of 3:1 . I am going to go with Solid Gold Pack though because of the lack of good Jurassic VIPs,so I need a variety.

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What is your conclusion?

I’ll do both - save up LPs as well as aim for Prestosuchus.

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Grind PvP,it is a major thing you are missing out on,I get most of my LP from grinding PvP.

I like the both answer.

Remember, this game is a long term game (over weeks, not days).

I understand you’re trying to get over the Dominator finish hump.

I remember being there too.

I picked building out lots of depth (quantity over quality) and dinos that could fight 3 times a day with a 50% win.

The evolving pyramid and cool down increases to this game is a nasty curve of resource consumption and lesser user of dinos.

A dino with a 100% win rate that you can use twice a day vs it’s two children that you could use 3 times a day and win 50% in dom, the child is better.

2+2+2+1 = 7 battles for 7 wins
2x(3+3+3+1) = 20 battles for 10 wins.

If you don’t have proper depth before evolving up, this game really punishes you.

Edit: some math for VIPs: 2.5H vs 5H
assuming a 16hour battle window (8ish hour cool down, fight 3 times a day)
L10 VIP is 6x a day
L20 VIP is 3x a day

L10 VIP 2x(6+6+6+1) = 38 battles or 14 wins
L20 VIP 3+3+3+1 = 10 battles for 10 wins

That is the Acrocanthosaurus, which is in the middle. The Apot, will be much less. A glass cannon, may a couple of times more.

Leveling up is tough.

The only multiplier I’m not taking into account is cool down buy backs. I don’t know what the cost is as I don’t buy them back.


@Timmah outstanding work!! That’s why I plan on having my Strike Consortium Teams Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta (What I call my top 3, then 2nd team of 3, etc) to have similar ferocity so that at least 2 out of those 4 battles are victories in a 7-hour time duration. Of course, one or two speedups are required, but I’m ofc not gonna speed up all my teams 'cause that would be ridiculous, I am planning on reducing failure chances with more stronger and better quantity teams. You’re right, it’s 100% quantity over quality - @anon43877113 got confused why my level 10 VIPs did not do well. It was because those were my best creatures, and using those was a very big gamble.

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I get that now. I was in your situation during the Indominus Rex Gen 2 tournament,having only my top 3. During the Brachiosaurus tournament I had 4 teams that could compete every 7 hours but with those,the best I could reach without bucks was around 1100, so I left the rest without spending bucks as I stated,Bucks were much more important than any tournament creature+ unlock would be,plus I am not too closely connected to the movies,but more on the side of the creatures,so I had little to no sentimental value with regard to Brachiosaurus,but no one can deny that the opening scene of Jurassic Park is still just as Majestic today as it was in 1993 and it still stands out today.


Quantity over Quality is easily the best way to do it. That is the only reason I am spending my DNA on Segnosaurus and Tapejalosaurus,the cooldown and efficiency. I did not have any good glass cannons unlocked then. I still am in support though of the fact that Level 10 VIPs even as the top creatures do a wonderful job,especially with such short cool downs. A mix of Common hybrids and Level 10 VIPs easily brings lots of easy victories. My first ever tournament was a Predator finish while I was still level 34 ,and have been finishing in Predator in most tournaments since,I do not want to spend any bucks.

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@anon43877113 also, last week the only reason I was prepared to spend 7K bucks was due to the thrill of finally having Brachio in the game and being one of the first people to get it in its first tourney, and also the possibility of a second tournament coming only a year or so later instilled a rush in my mind.

I don’t think I’ll put in as much effort or bucks in the next tournament till I finish my dream team -

Indominus level 13
Indominus level 10
Eolambia level 18
Eudimorphodon level 18
Pterodactylus level 18
Megalosaurus level 30
Brachiosaurus level 30
Segnosaurus level 30
Tyrannosaurus Rex level 40
Ichthyostega level 40
Shunosaurus level 40
Unaysaurus level 40
Scaphognathus level 40
Pteranodon level 40
Microposaurus level 40
Ostafrikasaurus level 40
Dimorphodon level 40
Postosuchus level 10

Out of these, I’ll work on Microposaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Unaysaurus, Dimorphodon and Pteranodon LAST because I have very less of these and it’s DNA obtainable, not accumulated in the market.

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Do not forget the cooldowns,I am sure of 1 thing though,you will have a level 1 Segnosuchus in 2 months if you manage to get all those creatures you just mentioned in 1.5 months. Segnosuchus level 1 has a ferocity that is somewhere close to a ferocity of 3592, and a T. rex level 40 has a ferocity of 3558 . Segnosuchus level 1 has 898 health and 842 attack.


Best herbivore in the game, isnt it? :smiley:

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Yes. A level 10 Segnosuchus is like a level 40 Zalmoxes,but a level 1 is like a level 40 T Rex.

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Awesome, and with my level 40 Postosuchus ready since before I even got to park level 50, I’ll just have to work on maxing Segnosaurus.

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