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Wilson's 1 year progress

Well, technically it’s more like 1 year and 5/6 months. I got the game when it came out and played until I reached the level cap at the time, which I believe was 50 but I stopped playing as I actually got stuck on a battle stage of all things, ha! Therefore, I have all of the base creatures unlocked which helped me on this journey and I didn’t realise how big of a flex that was until I joined the forums. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

So I returned to the game 1 year ago today, close to my 1 year anniversary of joining the forums too so I felt like showcasing the difference in my lineup a year later. Bear in mind, I’ve always been a non-VIP player (apart from the trial week) and I played every day religiously for about 9 months - I’ve only slowed down recently because I got a new job, a few frustrations from Ludia being Ludia and I’m at a slow point in the game where I’m just deepening my team ready for Indoraptors.

Anyway, here was my lineup 1 year ago. I had 0 cenozoics and aquatics as they weren’t in the game when I played before.

Here’s where I am at now:

I’ve put zero effort into my cenozoics / aquatics, just hatching what I get. I need to move my Jurassic team forward - at least to VIP 20 ferocity. It’s either that or I pull a @Jurassic_Fury and dive into the deep end to make Indoraptors now (which is much more tempting) - I have 170,000+ DB saved to breeze through any necessary speed ups and the story missions that include the Indominous at L31 and L40.

Overall I’m happy with the progress. I could’ve been further along but life gets in the way (in a good way). Despite this, I have enjoyed the journey and I still plan on playing and dropping in here occasionally. I do want to give thanks to certain members here who have helped me both directly and indirectly throughout this year in the game. 2020 / lockdown was a rough time but the community here and our mutual love for this game helped a great deal! In no particular order, big thanks to: @Sionsith, @Bandeezee, @Timmah, @Jurassic_Fury, @Andy_wan_kenobi, @Subxero11, @Aether_12, @MirrMurr, @Cagkan_Coskun, @Mary_Jo and others.


That’s wonderful progress man! So satisfying to see these threads. Really does speak a lot of how far you’ve come since you joined us last year! :partying_face:

Glad to be on your list too :smiley:

…Do it. :smiling_imp:


That’s some wonderful progress
Hope i reach to your level one fine day


This, this right here is what new folks to the forum need to see. This game is about time, in time you can accomplish just about any goal in the game.

Great progress @Wilson


Dang… That editing though :flushed::fire:


Nice deep line up!


Thanks guys, appreciated! Once I get to max food, it’s happening. I’ve planned ahead to make sure I get the story missions done before I fuse and create my first Indoraptor too.


Okay I couldn’t wait, I have started the process now. Although, this is an interest result from the story mission… level 21 = level 31? :eyes:


Nah, level 21 = an Indoraptor :crazy_face:


Ahhh of course, why didn’t I see that?! :crazy_face:

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Congrats! What a progress! :muscle: I like that you didn’t just go the easy and cheap way but put in the time and effort in advancing the line up.

I would love to have a feature that calculates the overall value of the park dna-wise.


That’s some nice progress @Wilson.

You say zero effort for cenos and aquatics however it’s pretty decent from what I see.

Why did I think you were vip though? Have you been a vip member before?

Anyways keep up the good work, I always love to see how far other members have come :slight_smile: :facepunch:


Palpatine do it Memes


Thanks bud! I mean zero effort in, I’m pretty sure I haven’t purchased a single cenozoic and aquatic creature through the market. :joy:

I’ve never been VIP. I have thought about it on several occasions but never have.



After clearing up the story missions in between, this is the last stop.


Post screenshots when you unlock Indoraptor :star_struck:

Absolutely! I put the indominous in the second fuse slot as I think I’ll need to save up some more food before hatching and feeding. :sweat_smile:

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Well that escalated quickly :eyes: congrats!


The rest of my lineup agrees with you. :joy:

I’m accepting this week of events will be a write off unless I break into my DB’s for the speed ups. But where are all the coin > food trades when I need them?!