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Wilson's 1 year progress

Okay I got impatient again. I sped up the rest of the tournament hybrids to sit right under Indo and now I only have 3mil food left but thankfully still 167k DB. :sweat_smile:

Suddenly my lineup feels very thin so I’m gonna have to focus on more of these guys I think. Also more Indo’s + some gen 2 eventually. Although I have 7 more indominous to buy yet….


Add Indoraptors. Like 9 more, if you have the SDNA.


I have enough for 6 more, nearly 7. Worth waiting and adding gen 2’s or just bang 6 of these guys out?

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While I do use the gen 2s from time to time, I use the gen 1s far more.

If you are ready to make the gen 2s now, it will cost you 1 Indoraptor vs going all gen 1. I would say make 1 or 2 gen 2s.

If you aren’t ready to make the gen 2s now, make gen 1 and save about 3000 SDNA, so you’ll have the SDNA to make the gen 2 when you are ready.

Either way, you need to make more of something now to help with depth.


Wise words as always @Timmah. I’m nowhere near ready for gen 2 so I’ll buy 5 more gen 1’s now and see how I get on.

I’ll need to switch my s-dna up now as I’ve been aiming for more Diplosuchus and Dimetrocarnus.


Ah, much better. I have enough for 1 (almost 2) more so I might get more gen 1’s but I’ll see how I get on with these guys.


Nice! Il be going for gen 1s first purely for that attack, gen 2s will be helpful but I’ve got so many tanky carnis and not a lot of heavy hitters so.

But I do prefer the design of the g2.