Win DNA from Dinos you fight


As a reward for beating a dinosaur you could be rewarded with a piece of its DNA. I am not suggesting you take it from the Dino you beat but gain some from the win. Even if you do not beat their team you may walk away with 1 or 2 bits of a legendary or unique. That way you will not feel bad to lose to a high powered team as the pay off is better


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind some kind of experience system. Like your team could gain a certain amount of DNA, so you wouldn’t have to go crazy. It’d also be good for people in rural areas too.


What good is all this DNA when the real issue is the coin gate.


Great idea, especially when I never see certain dinos outside of the arena.


You think people’s spending money or time to get their Dino and you just need to battle them to get dna, you crazy?


I think maybe they are in the learning phases of what keeps people playing …I’m staying for a while to see if it gets more rewarding without spending money…I’ve spent quite a bit but not anymore. Glad to see I’m far from being the only one to see it’s getting kinda boring cause it takes so long …even with using real money you get crap incubators…lesson learned!


But you wouldn’t steal it from them, as the OP says. They don’t lose the DNA, you just get a bit extra DNA for yourself. I guess it would have to be a very small amount of DNA, but something, it would keep players doing matches even with all of their incubator slots full because they get some kind of reward. Loving this idea myself!


Something where you get a small amount like your profile level of DNA. For each dino you defeat.