Win/loss Rex record

This is for fun, not to be confused with the arena maladies or boycott but…

Has anyone ever wondered what their win/loss record is?

I got fined for over due books and thus am stuck in the library, so my W/L record must be 150/300. Dismal :joy:

(No ludia, I don’t really need to know, sometimes ignorance is bliss)

Care to take a guess as to yours?

You mean battles or trophies?

last loss streak… like 600 trophies (thx ludia)
last win streak… like 350-400

win streak -
Jurassic ruins(3980) – Lockwood estate(4250)
Approx 300 trophies
Lose streak
Aviary (4704) - Lockwood estate (4324)
Approx 400 trophies

I don’t even get a list of recent opponents anymore and have no clue how appropriate the mm was (no way to check their trophies…).

I’ve also been stuck in the dark, dreary Library forever, the worst possible arena for sun loving creatures. I recommend getting rid of arena 11 and put arena 12 in its place. Move 13 into 12’s place and 11 into 13’s. You would never get another arena complaint from me.

One can dream…



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