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Win/Loss Stats


I know this has been suggested before, but I do think a win/loss statistic would be interesting to see on our profile. In addition to that, it might be neat to see WHEN you you play best. I find that a specific time of day works out better for me and would be cool to see data to back that up. Just a thought.


I play my best first thing in the morning…

Wait, we’re talking about JWA here right???

and take it easy on my team @Piere87…I like to battle at low levels…boosts confidence ya know…lol, then your team came along and beat me several times…must have been the rng….lol

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Haha. You must have caught me on a good streak.:grin:


Me tracking stats and potential crit damages





Besides, Super VIP already sends me all stats and accurate real-time dmg calculations


Dang. I really need to get on that super VIP.


I hate to battle in weekends. Enemy dodge=stun me 3 turns, my greater stunning rampage turns into rampage.

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