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Win Streak Hall-of-Fame - Cruxader 700 in a row - November 2020

Hello Adventures

I was thinking that the current winning strike system developed for PvP has rather increased the interest for PvPing (even tho, there are better ways to make the most of it, see below).

Anyhow, what if we post here the SCREENSHOTS of our longest winnig strikes?

No prizes for the moment (only strut around :joy:), yet it might be something the developers should consider for future developments, for example:

5 wins strike = 500 gold
10 wins strike = 100 gems
15 wins strike = epic pack
20 wins strike = 12h book
25 wins strike = 3D book
30 wins strike = legendary card

It would be like ToM/Heroic Adventure, but free of charge, and players will be more willing to PvPing and less bots will be fought.

Who wants to start? What’s your opinion?


Ok, I’ll start.

24 so far

Ah, that explains your suggestion a lot :laughing:

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I’ve seen your team and i’m not surprised. Do you have any legendary not maxed out yet?

I have only Shevarith Staff maxed


its an interesting idea however the people at the top would always win as we fight bots the majority of the time. A more interesting thing would be if they kept track of bots vs real people and kept just the records of the streaks vs actual players.


While I do not have the screenshot to prove it, my first streak was 29 (all bots, and then losing to a bot…)

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So far, @Flazzy on top with 29 wins in a row :trophy::medal_military:

Only :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Man, you are funny.

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That is a great one to max. My first maxed legendary was Paladin Restore belt. By the time they fixed the bug I now have 6 extra.

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You don’t need the screen shot you have the trophy count to prove it!

The trophy count is actually a byproduct of trying unsuccessfully to repeat that streak and get a screenshot…

@Flazzy now at least we want a 30 strike :wink::wink::joy::clap:

I did a 14 sequence in draft. regular PvP the bot just reach a point I can’t keep up

I know the feeling @Krom!
I sometimes wait 3-4 minutes for a human player. Fighting bots is very boring. That’s why Ludia should keep developing PvPing with, for example, bonues/prize for winning strikes

So it took me a while but this is what I managed.IMG_4018.PNG


Wow, it seems we have a winner who will be forever unbeaten :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Congrats @Flazzy :trophy::medal_military::clap::clap:


284 bots defeated. IMG_4057.PNG