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Windgnashers ability not good

Is it just me or does the windgnashers abilities suck? All they do is decrease accuracy and provide some pretty unuseful buffs. The 5 star one is the only one with a slightly useful one, while the rest aren’t very good. Such a shame because the dragon looks amazing.

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Yeah, they are really bad. There is absolutely no reason to get them aside from getting them for Book of Dragons.

The 5* is especially bad. Increased attack is something that many dragons give (and all of them do it better than this one). And the other 2 parts to its ability are both things that allow your dragons to dodge basic attacks/tiles. Worse of all is that these interfere with each other (AKA total dodge isn’t the same as % accurcay down + % invisibility). And cuz of that the invisibility part of the ability is completely wasted (normally it gives a 30% chance to dodge, but cuz of accuracy down it’ll only boost the dodge % by 14%). Having anything else in place of it would be way better.