Wing - asaurus


Can we please start getting some winged Dino’s? My boys keep asking me when we will have Dino’s that fly. I keep responding with whenever th developers make them. :face_with_monocle: Ahem Ahem

I personally only know of one winged Dino. Are there any others?


The fine people at metahub found pterosaurs in the files so it’s a matter of maybe a month or two.
And yes! There are hundreds, many of which are quite impressively sized whether the size of a bat(Pterodactylus) or a small airplane(Quetzalcoatlus) or a giant head crest(Tupandactylus)


And no, pterosaurs are not dinosaurs. It’s scary how little kids are being taught these days. Or rather, being taught the wrong things.

Pterosaurs are flying reptiles, marine reptiles are the swimmy ones, like plesiosaurs and mosasaurs.

For better info on dinosaurs in the movies and in real life, visit the Official DPG Paleontology Research Center’s thread here on this forum, @Momasaurus.

P.S. - my 3 year old niece goes with me on hunting excursions when her family visits. She insists on holding the phone while hunting. LOL she’s going to be a top-notch bone digger one day.


Winged dinos?
They are already released. :thinking:
Look at Utahraptor & Pyroraptor, didn’t they got cute wings?


They do have wings, but they’re like chickens and or dodo birds. :joy: I want a fricken taradactal…not sure if I spelled that correctly or not. But the whole family keeps talking about the big birds! Not the little ones that have feathered arms that jump at you.

Know what I mean?


Thank you for that info. I’ll have to check it out. The hubby and I have learned more about Dino’s because of this game. But as you said, we have found some incorrect information along the way and would like to keep the boys correctly informed.


Good to know! I think you’re gonna like our Q&A paleontology thread. We’ve even got a dino identification game for the kids!


Dimetrodons aren’t dinsoaurs either, noone cares.


And if no one cared, we’d all be living in the dark ages now. If no one cared, there’d be no one here in this forum. Obviously you care, because you’re here, trying to derail this thread, which isn’t even yours.

The only thing I can see that you don’t care about is learning how to spell correctly. I dunno, maybe pay more attention in school or something? Your trolling is not appreciated by anyone but yourself.

Go troll on the PoGo forums, I’m sure others of your kind lurk there.