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Winged creatures

If there was any way to choose I wouldn’t get dna from any winged creatures, they’re the most useless.

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It’s true that most of them aren’t very good, but their superhybrids are some of the best in the game. Arambourgiania DNA is needed for Geminititan, the best hybrid in the game 1v1, Quetzalcoatlus and Pteranodon DNA are needed for Quetzorion, one of the best hybrids in the game, and Darwinopterus DNA is needed for Pterovexus, which is definitely very good.


cough Quetzalcoatlus, Arambourgiania cough

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I appreciate the tips, I still don’t have any of those you referred to, I’m going to go in search of acquiring them.

Take, rifampicin + isoniazid + pirazinamide + etambutol

What about Dsungia? It’s a fairly decent hybrid too. It can mollywhop a good amount of dinos 1v1, and as part of a team it can be rather strong.

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Oh yeah, I completely forgot about Dsungaripterus. It’s really hard to get, but the hybrid is worth the trouble.