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Winky face?

Do you guys know what the :wink: means beside Jamies name?? Hes the only one I have that on rn, and it kinda sends blue waves around it after I exit out of our convo enter it.


It means you’ve reached a new level in your relationship. I’m sure you’ve seen the meter up the top of the screen filling up (they make it quite obvious), and each time that fills up twice, it goes up a level. There’s the winking face, the heart-eyes, then just the heart. Not sure what comes next, as I’m not sure it’s possible to get anyone there as yet, but that’s what it means. For the next two levels you go up, whoever you’re talking to will make a comment on it and, usually, send you a ‘free’ photo, which is usually pretty cute/hot.


oh! so that’s what those emojis next to the names mean!!! no wonder i was getting free pics! i’m sad that the free pics don’t also show up in the gallery though :frowning:

They don’t? That’s interesting. That might be something you should email the developers about. It’s probably a bug.