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Winners and Losers of the Stat Boost Change

Who do you guys think benefit and suffer the most from the stat boost change?

In my opinion, Thoradolosaur got absolutely mauled by this change, and Tanks not only benefit from Thor’s nerf, but will likely see much more use. Event exclusives like Gemini, Dsungaia, and Indoraptor gen 2 are nerfed a little bit because of Diplodocus, Dsungaripterus and Blue respectively thanks to the boost caps. Thats all I’ve speculated for now.

Stygidaryx, and specialized creatures like her, for sure got a bit of help.
I wanna say thor got knocked down a few pegs, but we will have to see how that plays out. Same with DC.

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I believe thor got destroyed because it was infamous for having all three stats overly boosted to make her a god and an absolute wrecking ball. Thanks to the changes, she’ll be capped, gains less overall thanks to the tier cap increase to 20, and the fact that she’ll have to sacrifice power and other stats if she wants to be boosted in all three stats again. To me, Thor is by far the biggest loser for this reason, and will likely see a dropoff


Haven’t used her yet. lv 21 no boosts. She couldn’t compete with others in the arena. Depending on strategy, Thor could still be a problem, but I don’t see many players using her because of the drop off in stats. I may pick her up to try her out under the new circumstances tho. see just how much of a change it is.

Theres very little strategy in using thor. Just spam impacts and rampages if you outspeed, then use instant charge if you dont. Thats how thor is commonly used


Us players are the losers. We’re just chasing our tails and jumping through hoops every other month with all these boost changes and resets. On top of the patch changes in movesets and stats. Think of all the time, energy, money, emotional stress, gas involved in just trying to make a competitive, yet stable, team. I still miss the pre-boost days.


I don’t really know, the stars of my team (Alita MEGA Becky, Remy and Utahsino) feel like they’re getting a bit demolished by the Stat boost rework

Thor will be back to its intended role as a chomper. I never invested too many speed boosts into it so no loss for me!

This… thor was a good dino on many top teams well before boosts came.

Plus half of thors issue right now is its almost always over leveled to go with its overboosted.

So now when your fighting a thor 5 levels above you… its gonna have 5 more levels worth of boosts on it.

Earlier this week i played a guy with a 28 thor… and took it out with a 23 dilor… all his other dinos eere 22ish… i won 3-1… but with change that fight might go the other way… are 5 boosts levels enough to cary an overleveled dino. Have to wait and see.

I feel that my Indoraptor will suffer quite a bit but if this change fixes the boost issues then I’m all for it.

I dont know if it will fix all boost issues… because any overleveled will be at a strong advantage but hopefully mm will adress this better.

What it does do is add strategy to team building and boosting and that in itself is a win. It makes leveling more valuable… but i was already leveling my team up because of the campaign.

Its a positive change for sure… but a level 28 thor can still be 8/10/10 and if it gets matched up against a team of 25s they highest they could be boosted is something like 5/10/10… heck that thor could be 0/8/20

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Grypoly is gonna be pretty dang good. It doesn’t need attack or speed, so you could load it up all the way with health and utterly wall things out.

I want to believe that Carnotarkus will be coming out on top. Attack isn’t hugely important, since the main use is to get the counter-attack working, so HP is all that’s needed.

Thylocotator might benefit too, since HP is all it really needs.

Not sure about any others at this stage.

I think easier to level legendaries are gonna be pretty strong with this new system. And as of right now are clear winners…

With levels being directly tied to the amount of boosts a dino can have it might make sense for someone to drop a difficult to level unique in favor for an easier legendary or epic.

Gorgo, tryo, utahsino, procera, indo g2…despite many planning its funeral i see 0/30/0 rats in our future.

Dracoceratops will still be broken.

It doesn’t need speed, so you can pile on attack and health without worrying about speed boosts limiting your total.


Yeah and the same applies for non-end game thors as well and thats currently where most of the thor complaints stem from. Its ability to one shot entire teams. So yeah end game thors might take a hit but for the majority of people they just increased thors chances of 3-0 a team again since we can ignore health and stack damage and speed.

I PvP with none boosted teams on my 2nd account and I pretty much never have chompers on them. Without being able to over speed them things, this is a nerf to all slow chomper dino’s.

What this will do is bring a bigger variety of creatures into the upper teens & lower 20’s arenas.
Obviously, if someone has a 26-30 chompers, those will still be staples in the upper arenas because of the boosts.

In reality, this change should bring some better balance.