Winners of the 1.3 patch


Hello there, i recently looked up the majority of dinos in the game, and i decided to tell you, in my opinion, which ones beneficied the most of the patch.

  • Gorgosuchus : Getting Defense shattering Rampage instead of rampage really helps him, and makes him (for me) the ultimate tank destroyer. Plus, adrenaline surge has now a real use ; since tanks got some of their damage transfered into ther counter-attacks, he can now safely remove a slow. I won’t be surprised to see him become Apex.

  • Postimetrodon : Before the patch, his massive problem was his horrible speed. But now, he got FIVE more speed points, an huge improvement. in addition, his precise impact becomes defense shattering impact, which makes him another fiable tank killer. And he got immunity, so don’t worry about slows, he doesn’t care. You can safely set up yourself (even throw an adrenaline surge to heal a bit and hit even harder). We will possibly see him go up to Alpha, and maybe Apex.

  • Gigaspikasaur : He was already Apex before the patch, and he will probably stay there. despite the speed loss, he gains attack overall, thanks to his counter-attack. It allows him to duel anything that can’t break his sheild, since he got 40% armor in addition of the shield and a very good health. A must have in high arenas.

  • Stegosaurus/Parasaurolophus : Those two dinos now got a similar role, that’s why i’ll treat both at the same time. Stegosaurus got a new attack : superiority strike, which both cleanses yourself and slows your opponent.
    Combinated with a very good bulk, it allow them to duel any fragile enemy. Stegosaurus will probably reach Survivor, while parasorolophus will maybe get to Alpha

  • Suchotator : He got reworked in depht. He can counter Fast enemies, tanks, boost-based dinos and High dmg dinos, whichs means only dimetrodons are good against him. He also got a crit and health boost in addition. Let’s hope for him that it will be enough to get to survivor.

  • Spinosaurus G2 : He has access to lethal wound, which gives him armor penetration (also, you can stack those for double dmg). and rampage, which allows him to duel the majority of tanks. He will, for me, get to survivor or Alpha.


Mostly, those legendary & unique creatures got extraordinary buff.
(Despite I-raptor & I-rex, but still I-raptor’s 3-turn dodge is better than cloak in some points)

For example, see how Trykosaurus changed. with renewed high atk & critical chance up, it’s totally a monster.

Another example is Rajakylosaurus. That new move give extremely high critical chance, even though base atk isn’t attractive, Rajakylo is actually a terrible counter-attack tank.

Also, in Pyrritator, that new rampage let it become advanced version of Pyro. Cuz they take out Pyro’s bypass attack, but keep that 2x bypass attack for Pyrri, it’s unfair.
(Seems like, we just can give this move to any dino we want it to be op, but must take away from Pyro as a nerf.)