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Winning=26 trophies vs losing=38 trophies!


I just face and indoraptor in lockdown,barely beat it cause it didn’t dodge,face 3 lvl 18-20 Legendaries and got 26 trophies?!
When i’m facing full lvl 20 Legendaries and i lost 38 trophies?!
Seriously Ludia,FIX YOUR GAME


wait until you lose 40+ trophies for an all-RNG loss
then legit beat someone and get 4



Trophies won or lost have nothing to do with the level of dinos you fight against or how epic the battle was.

It’s all a stepwise function of the difference between the starting trophy levels of the two players.


Wait till u lose 54 to someone 387 trophies below you :joy:


Yeah, especially to opponent with 3-5 lvl higher dinos and lose 40+ trophies.


Wait until you lose 59 trophies, that’s when the real PTSD kicks in :slightly_smiling_face:


Followed by a 1 trophy victory you had to work your :peach: to get

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you can also win 80+ trophies


I think i got 59 off of you once :sweat_smile:


This is actually a good thing it means you win more battles than you lose.