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Winning animations

Hi Ludia,
Bring back original length of a winning animations. So many animations are now horrible and non ended. I dont understand what was a point to cut them. I dont think they was bad, or also bother others players and even, if so, there is choice to skip then. So there was no reason to cut them and it dont have any sence, so please bring them back.


I am fully in favor of this. @Keith possibly this can be brought back in a future update…


I do not know what is involved in bringing back the animations, So I can make no promises either way.

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@Keith got it. But it would be nice to have the victory animations back to normal…

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I agree


I don’t see why animations were cut off in the first place. All it does is make the dinosaurs look awkward when winning.


When I returned to the game a little while ago, this is the thing that bugged me the most. It was way better the way it was.


I do not really remember the Animations fully. I have seen the Suchomimus head and Spinosaurus head rise up to some unknown point where I cannot see the head.

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I really don’t remember which animation are you talking about… Winning animation? They are still there. Huh? That roar from the Trex isn’t it?

All dinosaur’s winning animation was cut off. If you check on of Gaming Beaver’s very old videos, you’ll see that they were much longer compared to what they are now.

I remember every single one because… well because I was there when this game came out. I remember playing it back in 2015 on my first ever phone.


I can certainly say the game is far better now ,without even playing it back then,I cannot imagine my team without hybrids,trade harbour,Modded PvP and Tournaments(I would hate those month long tournaments)

Solid Gold packs used to cost 5k LP…

@anon43877113 If I could choose, I’d combine aspects of the old and the new…

Not sure if it is so much a bringing them back but more of a not cutting them off, they are still happening but what used to be maybe 4-5 seconds has been cut to 2-3 seconds (I am not sure of the actual time but giving ballparks of what it feels like). I am guessing it was a space saving thing? But instead of changing the animation to complete in the shorter time they were all just cut so they look odd now since they are still doing the first part of the original animation.


Exactly but i think original time Is still better


@anon43877113 but imagine, every battle stage being an unlock.

And logically speaking, at that time the hot topic was level 40 Legendaries which is why those could have been month long (just guessing) and level 40 legendaries don’t need cooldowns like level 40 Hybrids or Tournament Creatures like now…

And also, WINNING ANIMATION xD I have absolutely no idea why they cut that out…

Plus, I simply love the battle stage location (with the rain and everything), I miss the time when that was every battle. Now it’s the Old Jurassic Park and I’m fine with it, but that time was cool too.

I thought they did it because at that time there were a lot of complaints that fights took too long.
Of course I do not know but if that was the reason, they should have reduced the AI thinking time…something they still should do.


Fights too long @Tommi ??.. They had the option of skipping the victory animation (except PvP) but I wonder why those last 2 or 3 seconds were cut. And I don’t think AI thinking time was that long… Either that or I don’t remember clearly because I was ten years old then lol.

Also yep I have to agree with @anon43877113 that the current version is better, but in some aspects I’d love the old game.

@Predator_X exactly… I always wait for that portion of the battle music when it gets dramatic and all (I think you know which bit I’m talking about) and use all 8 action points with Tyrannosaurus and Indominus.

And after that Osta-frikking-saurus awesome showdown, the dinosaurs look so weird with their half-cut roars and sudden stop of the music and sounds. Wouldn’t you agree @Tommi?