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Winning fights

Am I the only one who is having trouble getting fairness in the fights? I mean every bloody fight at this point seems to throw extra counters out of nowhere.

Welcome to the Forum! By fights do you mean the regular events or Tournaments?

Pvp and the daily fight sets actually.

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Yes. I meant the regular fights. Maybe I just dont have strong enough dinos

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Could you show your lineup and preferably a screenshot of your opponents too?

not sure if I did this right

Golden rewards battles are usually a bit harder than normal battles but yours seems pretty straightforward other than having difficulty to take out that Ptera since your uny is just lvl 10


no, you have to put the tyrannosaurus first, second the pteranodon, because the opponent will exchange sin shunosaurus with ostaposaurus, once the opponent has put ostaposaurus, only press the yellow button with tyrannosaurus, once your tyrannosaurus rex is KO, use your pteranodon against ostaposaurus, once ostaposaurus is defeated, the opponent will choose his herbivore, with the pteranodon, only press the yellow button, once the pteranodon is KO, use your unayasaurus to defeat shunosaurus, and then it’s simple, unayasaurus will defeat opposing pteranodon.

Thanks guys. Can yall help me with this one?

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trop, posto and then Trex

His level 20 Ichyostega would probably be better in the last spot.

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I think I would go icthyostega, trex then postosuchus

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Yes, that’s actually what I would do as well. Amphibian, Carnivore, amphibian. For some reason I was thinking his postosuchus wasn’t available.

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Update for yall. T-rex will be at lvl 30 a little later today.

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A lvl 30 rex will probably unbalance your line up more, 2 lvl 20s would be more useful for now.

If you already did fuse it, don’t feed it all the way to 30


Appreciated guys. I have more to learn then I realized. But for now how about this one?

Amphib with 207+ health

I would say an amphibian with 488+ health
Then your Pteranodon or Tropeogopterus
Then Ichyostega or Postosuchus

Be careful with Postosuchus because he can be 2 hit KOd.
Your Pteranodon can take 2 hits from Suchomimus should be able to save 4 moves for your amphibian.
If you use Tropeogopterus, he can only take one hit from Suchomimus, so you can block 3 (assuming he only has 4 moves) and save whatever you have left. He should hopefully attack 4 since the AI usually thinks you’re blocking 2. Then you can KO him with 4 attacks and save the rest for your amphibian.

Side question guys. Is an aquatic dino for completing the claim your territory set worth it? I dont really spend a lot of time fighting in the aquarium

I used to do it, but now I don’t.
For your lvl, you don’t reaaaaaaaaly need to.