Winning while trying to lose!

Ok so as some of you may know, I have been doing what I call “Community Service” for a few weeks now, which is where I swap out all eight of my dinosaurs and put low levels in their place, then go into the arena and give players an easy win to break their possible losing streak they may be in!
Well last night while doing this I actually got to a point where I thought I MIGHT have a chance of actually winning, despite my team being level 10s and such…

Well I went on to actually win LOL
Check out my team in this final shot of the match! They didn’t bother switching out because their 4th Dino had low enough health that it wouldn’t have survived 2 hits from even a level 10 raptor!

Im really not sure how I managed to pull this off, but I did LOL! Mind you I was facing legendaries and epics!

Edit: Oh and the player wasn’t trying to lose either, they were battling as normal. Had they been switching in and out when it was their turn I would have known they were trying to lose!