'Winter chase'

Am I missing something or isn’t there supposed to be a coin chase today?

There is, same box as yesterday with coins and DNA but ludia strikes again. No surprise there.

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No boxes anywhere near me

Weekly event for today just shows the usual coin chase chests but no chest of any kind for as far as the eye can see on my map.

It looks like the Xmas box took the place of the usual Sunday coin event. Their weekly chart only reflects the Xmas box. Sad too since since we really came up short with the substitution.

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I meant the in game even calendar. Either way there’s no chests of any kind & even if the Xmas ones were around wed be worse off!!!

So a 7.5k box on Saturday, nothing Sunday not even a standard coin chase. No mod/ludia communication & everyone’s 10-12.5k worse off?

You mean 37.5k worse off…

Just realised that while I was thinking about it getting my dinner on the go. They’ve basically kiboshed Sundays chase and given us less that 20% of the potential max on Saturday. Merry Xmas from ludia one and all!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Xmas box just suddenly appeared! 13k and a bit of change, an emote I’m not interested in ( only one I want is one that explicitly allows you to call out cheating droppers rather than having to just yawn repeatedly at them!) and some dna I didn’t particularly need. So basically 50% of a normal sunday/Monday chase, anyone feeling particularly thankful?

Got 2.5k and 5 speed boosts on an account and 12.5k and 5 speed boosts on another. 5 speed boosts not 5 tiers…

I don’t know which was worse the coal we got for Christmas from Ludia or their trick or treat event for Halloween where we got 5 darts instead of coin. I look forward to that weekly extra coin this really stinks.

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Halloween was more infuriating. At least this weekend you tap once and forget about it.

Halloween was perfectly fine. It was Halloween themed, TRICK or TREAT, would have been pointless if every hit was a treat. Most people got significant coins on the day even with the sparse box spawning and then maxed out when they redid it a few days later with the proper spawning levels, no-one realistically ended up worse off. This on the other hand leaves everyone but the newest players 50% down on a normal chase.

Plus no daily cash link by looks of it, just tried typing what it would be in Google & nothing.

I really like that the boxes disappear. Yesterday one of mine was covering an event drop, so when it disappeared I had two event drops instead of just one. I just wish they’d come back later instead of only appearing the once.

With respect, a 5min walk & you’ll find the event drop elsewhere. You aren’t going to find 20k+ coins in it!!

Well, between 20k coins and health and damage boosts I know what I prefer.

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Only a handful of players got boosts from the Xmas box & typically only 5 x speed, hardly worth 20k coins.

5 speed is worthless indeed.