'Winter chase'

Today that won’t be so bad, but for the past few days the temperature here has been -11C with a wind chill of -22C (12F with a wind chill of -8F). It’s winter in Canada and it’s cold on the fingers, not to mention my phone. I want all the event drops reachable from home that I can get.

And I’m with th3g3ntl3m4n. Coins are not a problem for me. I get at least 50k a day spinning drops, battling in the arena, and doing my strikes. I want the boosts.

So logic this (christmas) chase is we lose 15k coins (35k if you use eastern time and bother to max it 2 times) for 10 speed boosts? Very funny

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For me, it is. I would rather have 25k coins.

Still no word on ludia doing anything about this then? Not even an acknowledgement from the forum mods.

It’s back again!! And even worse :neutral_face:

4.5k coins, some dna I have plenty of, & 5 speed boosts.

Everyone ready to be 15k in coins worse off for the 2nd weekend in a row?!?!

I got 7.5k coins, 5 speed boosts and no dna today

And if or follows the same trend as the Xmas one, you’ll get a bit more in coins over the other two & if you’re lucky maybe hit 30k, so @ best for a lvl 20 player (I’m @ 18 after 3.5 months) your 10k coins down & a handful of speed boosts (possibly some dna at a later point) up!

Just opened my Winter Chase box and got this…:exploding_head:

OK for some!! You might even have a shout at getting close to the standard amount from a normal chase.

it’s not really a chase - just one box

what?! I just got coin… I’m level 20 and got 5k coin that is it. Other chase I just got 2.5k coin… I feel cheated :unamused:

try 0 boosts both chases and 2.5-5k coin only. I didn’t even know people were getting boosts and high levels of coins - I thought this was some glitch and few boxes like what happened with Halloween. I guess I am just one of the really unlucky ones to get almost nothing - like 2.5k-5k coins. Nothing else. Box wasn’t even that far from me either - and even if it was, it’s not like I can go out in the ice and snow to get it (especially with my health issues). Ludia probably didn’t think this one through :rofl:

There were a possible 3 boxes over the Xmas period. I ended up with about 25k, 5 speed & some pointless dna. So far new years one worse, am hoping today was a bonus & tomorrow is a standard chase as I’m more interested in the coins.

3rd chest in a row for 5k coins and 5 speed boosts. Please stop making this holiday chases completely biased jokes for some by leaving everything to RNG as if the map hasnt had enough reliance on it

Wow it gets worse!!!

Chest #2: 2.5k & 5 speed :neutral_face:
So that’s 7k from 2 so far (the rest is irrelevant), somehow I don’t think I’m going to get 30k from the 3rd one I assume will spawn in 12 hours or so looks like I’ll be even more down on this one.

Any chance of a response from ludia, you’ve had 10 days!!!

Thanks, Ludia, I really needed more speed boosts :laughing:

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7.5k and 5 speed boosts yesterday after reset and 2.5k and 5 speed boosts before today’s reset.

I do hope today it will be a regular chase because this winter chase is useless.

Not helped that 10 days on from realising it was screwed up over Xmas, there’s been zero acknowledgement by ludia, or even the forum mods…

Update: 7.5k from the final chest. So 17.5k this weekend where I would have got 38k normally. So over 21k short this week, around 15k last week, that’s nearly 40k of coins ludias winter chase con job has cost me, with NOT A SINGLE WORD OF RESPONSE from them or the moderators, not even an acknowledgement of how wrong it’s gone or what they intend to do.

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It’s only robbery on Sundays, on Saturdays there is normally nothing. You will still have an attempt after 23:59 UTC.

10k and 5 speed boosts on an account and 2.5k and 5 speed boosts on another. So that’s 15-22.5k short on a regular half Sunday…

Like I need speed boosts…