'Winter chase'

I’m trying to be generous by adding the amount on both days in comparison. Either way, like I send, I’m currently 40k coins out of profit which given I’m currently trying to get dinos up to unique fusing level I could really do without.

So. No further cases. 40k in coins out of pocket over the Xmas & new year period. Thanks ludia! (And thank you for promptly responding over the course of theat 10 day period).

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Still not a single comment or clarification on players being out of pocket 40k coins from whe xmas/ny winter chases???

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Hey DPG members.

Eugene had provided a bit of information regarding the Winter Chase here:

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Oh ned…, I hope Ludia would just use the regular chest, its more less RNG based so everyone get same rewards if they are able to maxed it also we feel the old chest is more valuable than this one ( 50k coins > random coins + boost).


Ned, a handful of speed boosts & minimal amount of low level dna do not make up for leaving players 40k+ worth of coins out of pocket across the two weekends. They seriously need to reconsider, as a special event any ‘bonus’ items should be on top of the usual available currency anyway, not a replacement for half of it despite not even being worth 10% of that.
Up to this point I’d felt that in the relatively short period of time I’ve been playing ludia have dealt with most things well (though the refusal to fix pvp is a significant bugbear), this is starting to make me see what other players are saying.

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No response, no ‘we’ll ask them to reconsider’, wow.

Stuff like this & cheats in pvp with op dinos for the arena / ones that miraculously have no cool down for moves are killing this.

Hey there, @G_81. My apologies, I must have missed the original ping from the message!

I can definitely forward your feedback regarding the Winter Chase to our team. :smiley:

Thank you.

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Way to blow this out of proportion. Chase is normally Sunday only. So let’s not act like we are robbed of two days of coin chase. We are also not guaranteed a chase every week. If you don’t have enough coins that’s one you. Just a lot of complaining for someone who can’t climb the arena ranks

Actually I overperform in the arena, top end of lockwood estates occasionally dipping into aviary with a current team of lvl 18-20 dinos regularly toppling teams of uniques. Coins are an issue for most ftp players, particularly at where I am in dino development where moving dinos from the point of legendary fusion to unique fusion becomes an expensive process. I grind my behind off, both for myself & my alliance.
There has certainly been a sunday/Monday coin chase every week since I started playing, and I max it both times, without fail which @ the level I was at xmas/ny would have been 36/38k. Getting only half of that, in what was supposed to be a “special” event is a kick in the teeth for many players.
Given the complaining over ‘trick’ boxes @ halloween which were supposed to throw out darts occasionally or the million-and-one complaints about this little animation or that one that don’t actually impinge on gameplay, there are plenty of frivolous or overblown complaints for you to take aim at. Sorry, but this ain’t one of them.

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