Winter gaming go-to's

Winter is coming, so say the Starks. When it gets too cold out, and snow is over a foot deep, only the most devoted among us (or the most suicidal) would even attempt hunting.

I have a bunch of games on my PC for when the snow starts flying, mostly JRPGs. Here’s my list of go-to games for snowbound hunters:

Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered
Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns
Jurassic World Evolution
Phantasy Star Universe
Left 4 Dead 2

What games do you play when it’s too dangerous to step foot outside?

You’re literally a fan of dinosaurs, so, why not play jurassic world evolution? (note: do you have the last DLC right?)

I do have JW Evolution, but don’t have the new DLC yet. Trying to download Borderlands and maybe another Final Fantasy game

I prefer a variety of games to just one.

If its borderlands 1, i would suggest getting also borderlands 2 because its just awesome, easily one of my fav games.

I liked Borderlands 2, but that little insane kid in the game… She made the game more annoying than fun.