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Winter Holiday Dec 23 - 29

Woo Megaloceros and Woolly Rhino!


best holiday ever. ( could’ve been better if the new cezonics weren’t exclusives.)
This will be a great one. I know everyone will probably go megaloceros. and it will be a toss up for mammoth or rhino. should be a good one this week.

Fix the green drop Issue! I’m sick and tired of loosing my green drops and getting 5 strike towers instead.


Yessszss holy night okay I just gonna get rhino that is it nothing else. I think I will even get vip just to get that dna I need that rhino.

Also ya pls fix that green drop issue cause if I miss a rhino cause of that your going down no vip for ya ludia :joy:

Useless commons, but everything else is awesome. Probably gonna go for Elasmotherium, Marsupial Lion and Megaloceros for the rares. For the epics, it’s mainly Woolly Rhino and a few Woolly Mammoths.

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Lol eh I don’t know I won’t bother since there is a mammoth strike so it be better and I think wiser to go for the rhino get as much as you can and then grind that sanctuary dna cause hopefully they buff it’s unique

As for rares I think marsupial and elastomer are the best although mega seems weak but it could get a hybrid so might grab one or two

since megaloceros is event exclusive at this time, it would be wise to at least create it so it can be put in the sanctuaries.
that said, im probably going marsupial only after. i want to upgrade thyla a bit more.

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I know I need more Bronto DNA, so that’s good for me.

Ya lol but same I’m just gonna lion and maybe a couple of elasmoteruim just to get mamaotherium

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Also anyone know what the prizes for the incubators are

Deer and rhino for me.

Lol just realized we have a master strike on Wednesday and judging that the epics are rhino, mammoth, and smilodon it gonna be hard I think we should start planning on how to defeat them.

Awesome. I might start on monolorhino if I get lucky with darting.

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Some nice options in there. And Megaloceros at last!!! :deer:

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Great week coming up, for commons imma go for terror birb, for rares im most likely going to dart enough to unlock both pig and deer and finish the rest on lion for its hybrid and lastly for epics im going to dart enough to unlock mammoth and rhino and finish the rest on kitty for its hybrid.

Hopefully they actually add green supply drops for this event @E.D


mmhmm let me guess
Bronto in common since its an event only and he don’t have superhybrid yet
Megaloceros for same reasons and a few marsupial lion because i love the suchotator hybrid
For epic i guess i will probably rush wooly rhino to be close as much as possible to unlock the new unique (even if he is horrible atm)

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Good week!

I’m definelty looking forward to darting megaloceros and woolly rhino, so I can unlock their hard to get butts!

I’m darting phorusrhacos for Phorusaura, elasmoterium for mammotherium, megaloceros to unlock and stockpile, and all 3 epics are great, but woolly rhino I’m gonna dart first to unlock.

Useless Commons

Really? Phorusaura is one of the best legendaries in the game, and borderline tyrant tier. It’s not that easy to get, so I wouldn’t say it’s useless.

Phorusrhacos I have enough from the bird event. I’ll be stacking up on Bronto then. Megaloceros, Elasmotherium and some Marsupial Lion for me.
Woolly Rhino I have already. I want to level up my Mammotherium. So It’s gonna be only Woolly Mammoth.