Winter Veil

thanks for all the replies. I joined Winter Veil and its a rockin Clan. Exactly what I was looking for.

will be very welcome to our berks island clan

We Winter Veil would love to have you in our clan :slight_smile: We might not the strongest clan, but we can defeat every 7* now. We are players from many places in the world, and we would like to move forward and defeat higher alphas as a team, so our levels vary from 25 to 40.

Why should you join us?

  1. You are a very strong player indeed, so if you join us and be active enough, you can always be in top 3 on our leaderbroad. Tons of keys and 4* dragons guaranteed for every level 7 chest opened. Sounds good enough?
  2. We don’t use discord either. If you do FB, we have a private and fun FB group chat for sharing information and help each other build their team if needed hehe.

We are gonna defeat this Bewilderbeast soon. And there’s still one person not playing.

If you ever change your mind about discord. HMU.

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These banners are awesome. :star_struck:


haha thank you @Ned :fire:

It’s really nice of you to say so :heart_eyes: Let’s defeat a 8* together!!!