Winter weather towers

I really wish that if towers are in darting Dino range that we could still play at them.

10 step tower in a snowstorm isn’t fun.

Options currently are stand in the snowstorm like a creeper doing the 10 steps or drive to a different one (which I don’t see anywhere nearby) as this one isn’t in range of vehicle parking.


I had two multi battle towers on my way home from work last night. Pouring of rain so there was no chance standing out risking pneumonia. Same today.

Yeah, this is going to be a problem for me starting very soon. Only a few of the usual strike tower locations are reachable from inside a business, and all of those are restaurants. If I want to do a multi-step tower when it’s -15 C and windy outside, I’m going to have to hope it’s one of the restaurant ones and pay for some food in order to do it, or turn my fingers white trying to do it outside (or, more likely, skip the towers until spring).


All the GPS games are taking the winter hit. Only one of them seems to offer wifi gameplay and thats Ghostbusters.

So…Ty, Ghostbusters, for not forcing me into the harsh winter elements just to play your GPS based game :grin:


It’s winter with snow on the ground. So let’s introduce 10 step towers!

They’re in Montreal, right? Make one of their coders try out the new tower one morning in the parking lot, or wherever.



The temperature is really nice down here in Texas.

I don’t agree, if you consider that the weather or conditions are not good and may affect your health it’s a personal decision to get out and play, in fact ludia say something like take care or similar and for that isn’t a ludia’s problem

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So what is added by needing to be in immediate vicinity to towers rather than dart distance?

If you don’t look like a creeper,
are you even playing JWA the right way ? :joy:

Creeper in the streets/tyrant in the sheets


Not only do I look like the creeper in my black hoodie. I feel like one too when this piece of :poop: game decides it’s too cold to keep following me or gets disconnected and I’m standing for several minutes out in front of someone’s home in the dark waiting for this piece of :poop: game to reload. It’s completely dark at 5pm now when I get home from work.

I suggest getting a reflective neon utility vest and just randomly pointing your phone at the sky while you battle…:construction_worker_man:t3:‍♂

At least this way they’ll think you’re doing something slightly less odd :sweat_smile:

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it would be nice if once you at least got to one and started a battle, it would “unlock” it for you to battle without having to stand there the whole time. you could go home, or keeping walking or something else and do the battles.


That’s a fantastic idea

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It’s always winter somewhere… Or something like that.


It would be even better if we can launch strike battle events within the 200m radius. Of course, this privilege can be restricted to VIP only and only for the strike event battles.


You don’t have to stay next to the strike even to do a battle. I do them on the highway all the time.

Clever propably meant whole stroke tower. Like if there is 10 battles ao you could complete all of them


I saw someone say that when you get to a strike tower just turn off the gps. You should be able to finish the tower unless for some reason you have to restart the game…

There are plenty to grab as a passenger, but yeah. On weekends when we’re not driving to work we sit out on our country road in our car to get the multi-battle towers–and hope there’s a tower close enough not to have to sit in front of our neighbor’s house–cuz if you think it’s bad to sit in front of a house in the city or suburbs, in the middle of nowhere is much weirder. :smile:

that is not what i meant